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SOOTHING SOAK OFF Gel Polish Remover

SKU 4150

SOOTHING SOAK OFF Gel Polish Remover ~ NSI ~ A Product Remover that Nourishes!

NSI Soothing Soak Off Remover is a brand new product remover that will change the way you soak off your clients’ acrylic enhancements and gel polish.

Formulated with nourishing essential oils like vitamins C & E, this product remover also soothes the skin and cuticle.

Unlike Acetone, which can leave your skin feeling dry and chapped, Soothing Soak Off Remover gently removes the product and leaves skin soft and moisturized.

Now even soaking off old product can make your client feel pampered!

Supplies cuticles with nourishment and lasting softness while aiding in skin cell renewal.
Wont dry out skin like Acetone.
Can be used with any Soak Off Product.

How to use it:

Shake the bottle as contents may settle at the bottom. Fill a bowl with Soothing Soak Off Remover and place the tips of the fingers in the solution. While soaking, the product should soften and frill at the edges. When ready, use an orangewood stick or a peeler tool to peel off the rest of the product. Continue to file and soak until product is gone. Wash hands with warm water and soap ; the nails are ready for reapplication of product ; or condition with Nurture Oil.

What products can be soaked off with Soothing Soak Off Remover?
If the product can be soaked off, than Soothing Soak Off Remover is suitable for removal. This includes all Gel Polishes, Secrets Removable Gels, Acrylic Enhancements, and the Simplicite PolyDip System.

Soothing Soak Off Remover makes a great retail item for clients home care!

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Cherie S.
Soak off solution

This stuff is awesome, soaks nails off in minutes

Works well

Was impressed with this strength, was a nice smell

Sheryl H.
Easy removal of nails

Soak for 10 minutes then gently peel off the nail or nail wrap easy to use would recommend

Jo M.
Soothing gel soak off solution

I used this last night to do a gel soak off and it worked well

Geraldine W.
very good quality

Smells lovely and works well. Gentle and easy to use. I use it if I have more than one nail to clean off gel and gel products and it works out quicker and gentler to use than any others.