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Nail Arts Glitters & Flakes

Add sparkle and fun to your manicures and pedicures with our nail art glitter flakes. Available in various colours and sizes, our nail art glitter is an easy way to take a basic set of nails to the next level. From gold and silver aluminium foil flakes to chunky sequins, NSI Nails stocks everything you need to create eye-catching glitter nail art at home.

NSI Nails — the go-to for nail art glitter and flakes 

Whether you’re looking for fine shimmer polishes or chunky nail art flakes, we offer an expansive range of products to pull off professional-level glitter nails. 

Shop our collection of colourful and shiny products, including reflective magnetic gel colours and glitter gems. These can be cured under a lamp just like regular LED/UV hard gels for a long-wearing finish. Add aurora nail art flakes to the tips of wet gel polish, apply solid glitter gel all over the nail, or go holographic with chrome pigments in every colour.

Create statement manicures and pedicures at home with nail glitter flakes

Our nail art glitter and flakes are easy to work with, allowing you to create dazzling manicures and pedicures without spending time at the salon. Our jars of sugar pigment dust can be sprinkled onto a coloured or clear base for a sparkling glitter dust effect. Alternatively, you can combine glitter gel in a tube with dual forms for a statement set of nails that glisten in the sun.

Whether you’re creating designs on natural nails, acrylics or gel, our collection of nail art glitter can be used in a variety of ways. Get in touch with our team today if you have questions about using our nail glitter flakes.

Shop nail art glitter and flakes at NSI Nails today

At NSI Nails, we pride ourselves on delivering premium quality products for professional salon and at-home results. Create beautiful manicures and pedicures with lots of bling using our range of nail art glitter and flakes. 

Our in-house chemists test and try all of our formulas and accessories, so you can be rest assured you’re only shopping for the best nail art glitter in Australia. Once you’ve got everything you need for your sparkling nail needs, shop the rest of our nail art collection for more handy supplies.


What are glitter flakes made of?

Nail art flakes can be made of a number of materials. At NSI Nails, we carry a wide range, including flakes made from aluminium foil and chunky sequin flakes made from cellulose. Our selection is available in various colours and shapes to create all kinds of 3D nail looks.

How do you use glitter flakes on nails? 

Nail glitter flakes are versatile and can be used in many different ways. Press them to the tips of a wet gel base colour for a contrasting finish or layer over a clear base coat to keep all focus on the glitz and glitter. Some of our glitter products can also be mixed with acrylics to make your very own eye-catching powders.