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Nail Forms & Sculpting Products

Create a seamless finish with our professional-grade nail forms

Are you someone who adores nail art and desires to craft stunning results in the comfort of your home? Or perhaps you're a skilled manicurist seeking to fashion flawless nail shapes that outlast conventional finishes? With nail forms in your cosmetic kit, achieving the perfect results has never been simpler.

From stiletto to almond, coffin and square nail shapes, explore our expansive range of clear nail forms to create a fantastic foundation for extending the length of your nails and experimenting with the latest trends. Find forms with guides that help you shape your nail to perfection and make any small task look like a professional finish.

Discover DIY nail forms that deliver precise results

Gel and acrylic nail forms offer the perfect solution for extending the length of your nails and creating a nail shape with a seamless finish. By creating an easy-to-use template that guides you to build and form your artificial nail into whatever shape you or your clients desire, you can layer your nail polish on top and create an artificial nail set as one uniform piece. This creates a stronger, durable bond that offers some resistance to breakage and cracking and enables you to be known as a nail technician whose work lasts longer between sessions.

At NSI Australia, you can buy nail forms that follow your nail’s natural C-curve without pinching the tool to create a natural and seamless look that’ll give you or your clients a high-end manicure. Buy a nail form today to help you take your practice to the next level and deliver results that will make your clients want to return to your salon.

Create striking nail art effortlessly with NSI Australia’s range of acrylic and gel nail forms

From stocking salons and nail artists with high-grade tools to support their craft and business to lavishing nail lovers with quality, non-toxic nail products they can use at home, NSI Australia makes it easy to stay at the forefront of the latest nail art trends. Shop our expansive range of gel and acrylic nail supplies, including gel polish, nail art and accessories and enjoy free nationwide delivery on all online orders over $99.


What are nail forms?

Gel and acrylic nail forms are templates nail technicians use to create and extend artificial nails into various designs and shapes, including stiletto, almond, coffin and square, without needing pre-made nail tips.

Clear nail forms are typically made of a flexible material like paper or foil with adhesive backing placed under the natural nail's free edge and curved around the fingertip to create a base for applying acrylic or gel nail extensions. You or your nail technician can then sculpt the artificial nail material onto the form and manipulate it into the desired shape and length.

What are the best nail forms to use?

Many nail technicians recommend buying nail forms in large pack sizes so you can use each set for a single service. This gives you more freedom and flexibility to cut each nail form and tailor it to each service, enabling you to create a truly customised treatment. Additionally, disposable gel nail forms allow you to maximise your operations where you don’t need to delay each session to clean and disinfect each tray between use.

How do I choose a nail form?

  • Nail shape goal — Determine the nail shape you want to achieve. Nail forms come in various styles, such as stiletto, almond, square, coffin and more. Knowing the shape you want will guide you in selecting the appropriate nail form.
  • Nail length — Decide on the length of the nails you want — some acrylic nail forms are better suited for longer nails, while others work well for shorter lengths.
  • Material — Paper nail forms are commonly used as disposable tools, while metal and foil nail forms are reusable if you first apply a thin clear gel base layer and disinfect them between treatments.
  • Flexibility and shape adaptability — Choose whether you want a nail form that can adapt to all nail shapes or one that features a grid devoted to specific nail shapes to help you deliver more precise results for your most requested nail treatments.

Are nail forms stronger than tips?

Yes — nail forms can maintain a stronger bond, allowing your acrylic nails to act as one piece to prolong their finish, while nail tips are only as good as their adhesive and how well it has been applied.

What are the advantages of using nail forms?

  • Customisation — Professional and DIY nail forms enable you to create a truly personalised treatment by crafting unique shapes based on whatever you or your client desires. 
  • Natural look — The transition between the natural nail and the extension material is seamless, resulting in a more realistic and polished finish.
  • Strength and durability — Acrylic and gel nail forms provide a stronger bond between the natural nail and the extension material, allowing for longer-lasting artificial nails that are less susceptible to lifting and breaking.