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Hair Care Products

Renew the lustre in your tresses with our high-performing hair care products

If you want to give your hair the same high level of treatment you give your nails or want to expand your salon’s retail and in-chair services, our professional hair care products will renew your and your client’s hair health with a radiating glow. This product is designed to nourish your scalp and hair follicles from the inside out, making NSI Australia’s best hair care products a pivotal part of your hair care routine.

Discover hair care products Australia loves

Keeping your hair in its best condition and health shouldn’t require a long and laborious routine. With a selective curation of products to keep in your shower and beauty table, you can enjoy lightly fragranced hair moisturisers, masks and other treatments. Our hair care products — fortified with natural ingredients and plant-derived antioxidants, vitamins and minerals — supplement your self-care with the nutrients needed to maintain your tresses' health, retain moisture and leave a lasting soft finish.

If you’re looking for products you can rely on every day and before special occasions, you can find them in our professional hair care products. Our in-house experts have tested each to ensure they renew your roots and colour and live up to NSI Australia’s veritable standards.

From hair masks that offer a luxurious once-a-week treatment to leave-in hair moisturisers to headbands that protect your hair from drying skincare and cosmetics, explore an extensive range of hair care products in Australia that are easy to integrate into your regimen and cultivate holistic TLC that will renew your confidence and hair’s natural shine.

Shop the best hair care products in Australia today

From spa products to skincare and body care, NSI Australia is the leading destination for beauty products. While many of our fans visit us for nail art, you can find a broad range of products, including makeup, to expand your salon’s services or add everyday luxuries to your weekly self-care. Add your new must-have products to your shopping cart and enjoy free delivery across Australia on all orders over $99.


What are must-have hair care products I should incorporate into my routine?

Shampoo, conditioner and treatment products form the core foundation of any well-edited haircare routine. They are designed to cleanse away dirt and excess oil, nourish with antioxidants and seal in hydration and add a restorative finish to boost your hair and scalp health. At the same time, they are considered the best hair care products in Australia that anyone of any age and gender can lovingly use.

Which is the best hair care product for me?

Our Argan Hair & Skin Treatment 500ml is every hairdresser’s best friend. Its high formulation of cold-pressed, certified organic argan oil infuses a deeply nourishing dose of omega fatty acids that helps to fight free radical damage while stimulating your hair’s keratin. As one of the most versatile hair care products in Australia, it helps hydrate your hair, scalp and skin, enabling you to maintain the look and feel of your tresses between visits to the salon.

What should I use to maintain my hair?

Our professional hair care products are designed to be used for everyday maintenance and to target your hair concerns, which include:

  • Dry hair — The summer sun can wreak havoc on your tresses — that’s why we selected hair care products in Australia that were made to match the local heat. Our hair moisturisers are designed to not only add hydration but lock it in. Additionally, they will condition your hair from the root to the cuticle and tip to help prevent water loss.
  • Coloured hair — Your hair is your biggest accessory. That’s why our hair moisturisers and masks will hydrate and condition your hair to allow your hair dye to bond better to the cuticle for longer-lasting colour.
  • Damaged hair — With nourishing formulations infused with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, our hair care products replace lost nutrients to reinvigorate the look and feel of your hair.

Which hair products are healthy?

All of them — NSI Australia is proud to offer the best hair care products in Australia that are made from many natural ingredients and are free of toxic ingredients, so you can maintain your hair's health without compromising your lifestyle choices.

Which hair product can I use every day?

While all can be easily used daily, their high-performing formulations enable you to incorporate each product into your haircare once to twice a week.