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PolyGel Gel In A Tube

  • PolyGel Kit - NSI Australia
    PolyGel Kit - NSI Australia
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    PolyGel Kit

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Create professional salon manicures with PolyGel nail products

If you’re a nail lover who wants to create beautiful results at home or a professional manicurist looking to get into gel nails for the first time, PolyGel colour tubes make it easy to get results you’ll love.

PolyGel is a light-cured gel hybrid system that’s a great alternative to hard gels for beginners or nail technicians who prefer to work with a non-traditional thick paste that’s easy to build out and form. Whether you want to sculpt out a nail extension for extra length or provide a layer of protection for your natural nails, PolyGel nail colours in a tube add colour and strength all in one step.

How PolyGel kits work

Because of its thick, paste-like consistency, PolyGel makes it easy to sculpt the right apex, extension length and shape, even if you’re doing your own nails and using your less dominant hand. Using a dual form that fits your nail bed, a PolyGel colour tube is applied to the groove and shaped using a nail brush. Once cured under a UV light (if you don’t have a UV lamp, try our PolyGel kit that comes with a convenient nail lamp), you will have a strong, gel nail alternative that is then easily separated from the nail form, leaving you with a beautiful, natural and lasting result.

All the nail art supplies you need in one place

At NSI Australia, we pride ourselves on being industry leaders in non-toxic nail products. From beginner-friendly nail art tools to the latest nail polish and nail art products, you’ll find everything you need to create picture-perfect manicures in our online store.

Build up your at-home salon with our all-inclusive PolyGel nail kits, or browse our newly arrived products to breathe new inspiration into your nail artistry. With Afterpay options available and free delivery Australia-wide on all orders over $99, we’ve got everything you need in one place. What are you waiting for? Place your order with us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

PolyGel nail colour tubes are an easy way to create natural elongated nail shapes that are easy to work with, offer a variety of colours and finishes, and give you a lasting manicure. While acrylics use a liquid and powder combination to build out a shape, PolyGel is an all-in-one product perfect for beginners or nail technicians wanting to work faster to produce more complex nail art.

Additionally, PolyGel can be used on natural nails, adding a layer of colour while protecting your nails from daily activities. Because you’re not working with powders, you aren’t exposed to the risks of inhaling dust.

When properly cured and cleansed to maintain a clear separation from the cuticle, a PolyGel manicure is incredibly durable and long-lasting. You can expect PolyGel manicures to last for at least two weeks and even beyond three, depending on your lifestyle and how fast your nails grow. Adding a top coat and curing this as a finishing layer will also make it last longer.

Yes! Whether you’re bolstering your natural nail or building a dramatic extension, PolyGel provides a strong base where you can add any nail art. Feel free to add a classic French tip or experiment with chrome details, rhinestones, glitter and foils, stamping, blooming gels and so much more.

Our PolyGel nail kits come with more than 100 dual-form nail tips, nail primer, PolyGel colour tubes, slip gel and tools for clean-up, meaning you can expect to get dozens of manicures out of one PolyGel kit. Depending on whether you’re using it at home to give yourself professional nails or for your clients, you’ll be able to create multiple manicures with our all-inclusive kits.

If you’re experiencing lifting with your PolyGel nail fill, the problem probably has to do with improper nail prep. Make sure to buff and prime your nail thoroughly, trim your cuticles, and then apply and cure a base coat. Try to maintain a smooth and thin layer around the edge of the nails, and make sure the PolyGel solution isn’t overlapping onto your cuticle line or side walls. Properly curing your PolyGel is also essential. If you’re unsure whether the solution is cured, give them another minute to be on the safe side.