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Soft Gel Press On Nails & Nail Extensions

  • Coloured Gel Tips - NSI Australia
    Coloured Gel Tips - NSI Australia
    Save 25%

    Coloured Gel Tips

    Original Price $35.00
    Current Price $26.25

    Already coloured and pre buffed soft gel tips, perfect for doing gel extensions and soft gel press on nails!  Our quality coloured gel nail tips ar...

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  • Press On Tips Gel
    Save 20%

    Press On Tips Gel

    Original Price $25.00
    Current Price $19.95

    Press On Tips Gel is perfect to be used with the Soft Gel Press on Tips. This special Soft Gel Tip Adhesive Gel is a balanced thick viscosity gel p...

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  • Primer
    Save 20%


    Original Price $21.50
    Current Price $17.20

    A Primer perfect for every and any type of nail enhancement. This Primer is a non-acid based air-drying primer that maximises adhesion between the ...

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  • Dehydrator
    Save 20%


    Original Price $21.50
    Current Price $17.20

    Nail Dehydrator is brushed directly on the natural nail plate to clean and dehydrate the surface of nails. Apply this after having buffed and shape...

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Soft Gel

Create the perfect manicure or pedicure with NSI Nails’ collection of soft gel press-on nails. An easy way to create flawless nail extensions that are already shaped and ready to apply, kit your salon out with the best quality products by exploring our collection today. 

Explore a premium selection of press-on gel nails in Australia

Gel press-on tips are formulated with a reinforced structure, giving them a robust, sturdy and long-wearing finish that’s resistant to chips, lifting, cracks and scratches — even after over three weeks. Offering easy applications that can take as little as 20 to 30 minutes, our nail soft gel kits make creating the perfect finish an absolute breeze. Plus, our gel press-on nails can be removed easily without damaging the natural nail — so you can switch up your manicure with total peace of mind. 

Whether you love short acrylics or prefer lengthy coffin, oval, stiletto, almond or square shapes, our soft nail gels are waiting to be discovered. Simply choose your desired shape and begin painting — it’s that simple.  

The tools you’ll need to create the perfect gel press-on nails

For the best application and long-lasting results, you’ll need a few pieces of equipment to ensure you can create a flawless manicure or pedicure. As well as gel press-on nails, you’ll need a nail lamp that cures your chosen polish. Select one of our rechargeable LED nail lamps that cure all five fingers and toes in one go, with a preset timer that begins when the hand or foot enters the lamp. Alternatively, you can buy a freeze lamp or nail torch that quickly frosts all gel press nails, tips and extensions. 

Shop the best gel press in Australia at NSI Nails today

Pre-shaped and ready to apply, creating the perfect manicure or pedicure is easy when you have our gel press-on nails in your professional salon or at-home kit. Available in various on-trend shapes and lengths, choose a style that suits you, and get painting today! If you have any questions about our collection of gel presses in Australia, feel free to get in contact with us today — our team would be more than happy to provide you with top tips for creating the perfect set. 


How long do press-on gel nails last?

At NSI Nails, we’re dedicated to supplying our customers with superior quality nail products that ensure a gorgeous finish and long-lasting wear. Our gel press-on nails will remain intact for up to four weeks, so there’s no need to fear your manicure will chip, crack, or peel back after painting. For a premium quality finish, follow our step-by-step guide on how to use and apply soft gel tips

What are press-on gel nails?

Unlike acrylics that can damage your nail beds, press-on gel nails are applied to the natural nail after you’ve pushed back your cuticles, shaped your nails and applied a dehydrator and primer. To guarantee a bubble-free finish, make sure the gel tip fits your nail correctly before securing the tip using a rolling motion. Place your hands under a LED/UV nail light to maintain a good seal, and apply multiple coats of your chosen polish to guarantee you’re happy with the colour quality. 

Can I shower with press-on gel nails?

Absolutely, nails with soft gels are water resistant and will remain in premium condition for multiple weeks. After showering or getting your manicure wet, make sure you dry them thoroughly. If your manicure is damaged after multiple weeks of wear, the best thing about gel press-on nails is that they’re straightforward to remove and reapply.