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Nail Stamping Art Kits

  • Nail Practice Silicone Mat BORN PRETTY - NSI Australia
    Nail Practice Silicone Mat BORN PRETTY - NSI Australia
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    Nail Practice Silicone Mat Born Pretty

    Original Price $20.00
    Current Price $15.95

    The mat is foldable and washable, in a soft silicone material making it easy to use and comfortable! Colour: Frosted translucence Size: 40cm x 30cm

Rather than spending an hour in the nail salon, our nail stamping kits enable you to create the set of your dreams from the comfort of your own home. With dozens of fun styles in on-trend hues, our nail stamps are easy to use and easy to apply, making them ideal for beginners and nail technicians alike. 

We’ve worked extremely hard to ensure our nail stamping plates are of the highest quality, so there’s no need to fear your nails will chip, crack or tear within a few days. With deep coverage and adequate pigment, you can elevate your manicure by simply applying our nail stamps with our must-have tools. If you need assistance perfecting the process, feel free to check out our how-to blogs and YouTube tutorials

Stamping nail accessories for seamless application 

While applying acrylics and nail tips require practice and precision, we offer a range of essential tools that will simplify the process of stamp nail art. Within our collection, you’ll find storage cases for safekeeping, as well as small and large stampers and scrapers that ensure an even, easy and seamless application. If you love the look of french nail tips, we have stampers and scrapers specifically designed to create a sleek white line that accentuates your nail beds. What’s more, we also stock special stamping nail polish in a vibrant red hue that dries faster than other polishes on the market. 

Seasonal nail stamping kits 

Looking for nail stamps that’ll help you get into the holiday spirit? Enter the festive season with our fun Christmas nail art. From trees and wreath stamps to snowflakes, Santa hats and reindeers, our stamping image plates look incredible layered over a red or vibrant green base. However you choose to rock your funky stamp nail art, one thing’s for sure — your set will remain intact for many weeks to come, as our top quality designs are scratch, crack and tear-resistant. 


What can I use to stamp my nails?

The perfect set of nails can be achieved with a few handy tools in your kit. That’s why we offer small, medium and large stampers and scrapers that help you secure your nail stamps. They offer a rich coverage and minimal drying time, so these accessories are perfect for transferring nail art onto your natural,acrylic or gel nails with ease. 

Are nail stamps easy to use?

With consistent practice, you’ll be able to achieve immaculate looking nails with our top-quality nail stamping kits. Whether you are hoping to add a fancy accent to your french tips or a detailed pattern to cover the entire nail, we also have how-to tutorials that will guide you in the right direction if you need a helping hand. 

What type of nail stamps do NSI Nails sell? 

Here at NSI Nails, we offer nail stamping plates and nail stamping kits that are filled with colourful and intricate designs to help elevate even the simplest of manicures. We have small, medium and large plates that will suit whatever nail style and shape you’re going for. If you have any questions about our stamping nail designs, please contact us