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Blooming Gel

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    Blooming Gel Polishes
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    Blooming Gel

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    Blooming Gel is the easiest form of nail art and a fantastic way to get great looking nails using simple strokes and lots of colours! Using your fa...

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Give your nails a playful and artistic touch with high-quality blooming gel polish! Create gorgeous nail art designs, such as floral prints, watercolours, tie-dye, gradients and more. The unique blooming effect lets you craft vibrant, one-of-a-kind designs that burst with life.

Experience the best blooming gel polish in Australia. Say goodbye to dull nails and let your fingertips bloom with personality!

What is blooming gel polish?

Blooming gel nail polish is like magic for your nails! This translucent gel polish acts as a base coat that causes any coloured polish applied on top of it to disperse, bloom or expand. It lets you effortlessly create fun nail art designs like smoke, marble, gradients, textured stone and flowers.

Say goodbye to generic nail art designs and hello to textures and abstract shapes. Shop the best blooming gel polish now and unleash your creativity.

How to use blooming gel polish

Create show-stopping manicures with blooming gel polish. How to use this unique formulation unfolds in four easy steps:

Step 1: Start with a base

Prepare your nails as you would typically for a manicure, then apply your chosen base colour. A base coat offers a smooth surface for nail polish adhesion, preventing chipping and peeling. It also acts as a barrier, preventing pigments from coloured nail polish from staining your natural nails.

Step 2: Apply blooming gel polish

Carefully apply a layer of blooming gel nail polish, but do not cure after.

Step 3: Incorporate your design

Add your chosen gel polish colours to the design you desire. Whether it's roses, marble effects or a smoky quartz look, let the colours blend and bloom!

Step 4: Cure

Once satisfied with the design, cure your nails under a UV or LED lamp for the recommended time.

Step 5: Apply a top coat

Finish the look by applying a gel topcoat to seal and protect the design. Apply cuticle oil for added nourishment and a polished finish.

Why choose blooming gel polish

Level up your nail art designs with the best blooming gel polish from NSI Australia. Discover why our gel polish is the best choice:

  • Diverse styles and designs

Blooming gel polish allows you to create intricate and unique patterns that are not achievable with regular nail polish.

  • Salon-worthy results

Our formulas leave an impeccable finish, making your nails look effortlessly smooth and sophisticated.

  • Quick and easy application

Whether you’re a seasoned nail artist or a DIY nail art fan, our blooming gel polish is incredibly user-friendly and delivers stunning results every time.

  • Long-permanent finish

Achieve flawless nail art that stands the test of time. Gel polish boasts a unique composition that securely bonds to nails, preventing chips, cracks and smudges.

Redefine your nail game with the best blooming gel polish

Whether you're pampering clients at your beauty salon or honing your nail art skills at home, our nail care supplies are designed to meet your every need. Explore our vast collection of nail art kits, gel polish sets, nail glues, primers and brushes.

At NSI Australia, we offer products that are not only reliable but also sustainable and eco-conscious. Our products are vegan, cruelty-free, HEMA-free, MMA-free and 11-toxin-free.

Shop the best blooming gel polish in Australia and achieve manicures that truly stand out!


How does blooming gel polish differ from regular gel polish?

Blooming gel polish doesn't instantly cure upon application and offers greater flexibility. This unique feature permits colours to gracefully spread and blend, unlocking endless design possibilities. In contrast, regular gel polish cures quickly, resulting in solid and uniform colours and textures.

What designs can be achieved with blooming gel polish?

Blooming gel nail polish empowers you to create abstract gradients and mesmerising ombre effects. Experiment with layered shades to craft sultry and smoky effects or embrace a throwback with playful retro tie-dye looks. The blooming effect also allows you to mimic the elegance of marble or natural stone textures.

What is the recommended curing time for blooming gel nail polish?

Blooming gel polish typically cures in just 30 to 60 seconds under a UV or LED lamp. It's the ideal choice for those seeking a quick and efficient application process.

How do you remove blooming gel nail polish?

The removal process for blooming gel polish is similar to that of regular gel polish:

  • Begin by soaking a cotton ball or pad in acetone.
  • Place the acetone-soaked cotton on top of each nail. Use aluminium foil to secure it in place.
  • Let the cotton sit for 10 to 15 minutes, allowing the gel polish to loosen.
  • Gently press and slide the cotton off the nails to remove the softened gel polish.
  • Any remaining residue can be removed by gently buffing or using a wooden cuticle stick.
  • Finish the process by moisturising the nails and cuticles to combat any dryness caused by the acetone.