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Rubber Base Gel In A Bottle

Get flexibility on natural nails with rubber base gels

Elevate your gel nails from average to stunning with NSI Australia’s' revolutionary rubber base gels. Designed to enhance and fortify your natural nails, as well as provide support for short extensions and sculpting techniques, these gels offer a flexible and impeccable foundation. Whether you aim to achieve effortlessly beautiful nails with a base gel or unleash your creativity with dramatic nail art, glitter gel manicures, or mesmerising 3D embellishments, our rubber base gels will exceed your expectations.

Give your clients an on-trend look that lasts, or transform your at-home gel manicures with NSI Australia’s rubber base gel great for beginners and professional nail technicians alike.

Shop rubber base gel for nails for endless possibilities

The beauty of our base gel is that it is the perfect product for any skill level or desired final output.

If you’re starting to give yourself at-home manicures and want an easy-to-work-with product that gives a great result, using a rubber base gel for a natural nail overlay is a fantastic option. The medium to thick viscosity can be formed easily, and our light-cured formula provides a hard, fully set manicure that means you can go about the rest of your day as soon as you’re done.

For nail techs working in salons or from home, rubber base gel is a great foundation gel option that allows you to sculpt nail extension building with a tip or form to create strong, flexible gel nails that can be customised to suit your every client. From classic neutrals and French manicures to complex 3D nail art, glitter, matte and chrome finishes, create the nail art of your dreams with our base gel as the stepping stone for your final creative output.

Create the best nail art in town with NSI Australia

From equipping nail artists with everything they need to create a professional salon to giving nail lovers access to quality nail products they can use with ease at home, NSI Australia is your destination for non-toxic nail products that produce consistent and beautiful results every time. Shop our rubber base gels, nail art kits, tools and more online, and enjoy free delivery on orders over $99 to any address in Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

A rubber base gel is a way to get your gel nail manicure to move with rather than against your natural nails. It’s a simple step that creates the natural elasticity and flexibility you’d expect from your natural nails with your regular gel nail products. If you’ve struggled with getting gel nails to last or are looking to give your clients a more natural-feeling manicure, a base gel is a step you can add to your regular gel nail routine.

No. A rubber base gel for nails is a foundation gel alternative that sits underneath your builder gel and regular gel nail polish. It is cured as a separate layer, on top of which you can apply your regular gel nail manicure and then add nail art, glitter or any other embellishments.

If you struggle with the brittle and inflexible nature of nail extensions and hard gel, a rubber base gel for nails can transform the way your manicures wear and how long they last. When applied over properly primed nails, a rubber base creates a more forgiving finished gel nail texture that is perfect for daily activities.

Unlike standard hard gels, rubber base gel contains plasticisers, which gives them an elasticity much like rubber, allowing artificial gel nails to flex and bend just as natural nails do. This means that they can prolong the life of your nails since they won’t break under pressure but bend instead. Hard gel, on the other hand, lends a dramatic look but can be more difficult for everyday use and more prone to chipping and breaking.

You sure can — in fact, that’s what a foundation gel base is made for. Once you’ve applied and cured the base gel as a foundation layer over primed nails, you can continue with your regular gel nail manicure routine over the top as you usually would. If you have clients who love the look but not necessarily the feel of solid gels, this is a great alternative that gives them the best of both worlds.