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Builder Gel in a Bottle

  • Builder Gel
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    Builder Gel

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    High Quality Builder Gel Clear for nails - Crystal clear gel for building and overlays. Builder gels are a Hard Gel System in a Bottle, LED and UV...

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Add length and strength to your long-lasting manicure or pedicure with our builder gel in a bottle products. From bond enhancers to top coats, we’ve got everything you need to enjoy the durable, glossy results this nail invention can achieve. Pull off a fabulous manicure or pedicure that looks great and is long-wearing. Whether you’re working with long or short nails, prefer classic colours or glitter tips, our Australian builder gel in a bottle products will provide you with everything you need for a professional result.

Your go-to for builder gel in a bottle 

At NSI Nails, we offer an expansive range of products for all your builder gel in a bottle needs. Shop our collection of ready-made kits or select from our individual products, including builder extension gels, bond primers and base coats. Use builder in a bottle on natural nails as an overlay, sculpt to form extensions or pair with your favourite gel products to enhance results. We have both clear and coloured options available to suit your style.

Deck out your builder gel in a bottle kit 

Whether you’re looking to create a long-lasting manicure for your next holiday or strong, everyday nails, our builder in a bottle products makes it easy to DIY. When working with natural nails, prep with a bond enhancer and a base coat before applying your builder gel in a bottle and finishing with a top coat. Similar to other hard-wearing manicures and pedicures, builder gel in a bottle requires a UV or LED nail lamp to cure durable, shiny results. Get in touch with our team today if you have any questions or for further builder gel in a bottle instructions.  

Shop builder gel in a bottle in Australia

Protect your manicures and pedicures from chips and lifting with the best range of Australia’s builder gel in a bottle products. At NSI nails, our in-house chemists and professionals try and test all of our formulas and accessories to ensure we’re delivering premium quality products for professional at-home results. Once you’ve got everything you need for your builder gel in a bottle kit, shop our rhinestones and stickers for a glamorous touch of sparkle and shine.


What is builder gel in a bottle? 

Builder in a bottle is a builder gel used to enhance the length, strength and thickness of nails. Sometimes referred to as ‘BIAB nails’ in-salon, it can be used on natural nails for a chip-resistant overlay or to create extensions or enhancements. It provides a long-wearing, glossy finish without compromising the health of the nail bed underneath.

Does builder gel help nails grow? 

Builder gel in a bottle helps nails grow by protecting them from breaking and chipping. While it doesn’t stimulate nail growth, the durable coating provides resistance for nail biters to help break the habit while the natural nail grows strong and long underneath. It can also be used to create the appearance of longer nails by extending beyond the tips of your manicure or pedicure.