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Nail Drills & Drill Bits

  • Portable Nail Drill - NSI Australia
    Portable Nail Drill - NSI Australia
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    Portable Nail Drill

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Nail drills are a great way to shape both artificial and natural nails and to create a perfect surface for your creative work. For many technicians, a quality nail drill is one of the most essential accessories they’ll ever have. If you’re searching for the right professional electric nail drill in Australia, NSI Nails Australia is the best place to find one.

Electric nail files and nail drill bits for all your nail needs

Here at NSI Nails Australia, we’re proud to stock one of the most comprehensive selections of nail drills in Australia. Whether you’re searching for a compact, portable drill or you’re looking for something stationary and more powerful, we can help.

We also carry a huge selection of nail drill bits to ensure you have all the tools you need to get the job done. Our bits range from smooth top barrel bits and cone bits to cuticle cleaners, under-nail cleaners, sanding bits, buffers and more. You’ll also find useful accessories like nail dust collectors and bit holders that will help you keep your work area neat and tidy.

Find high-quality nail drills for sale at NSI Nails Australia

If you’re searching for a high-quality electric nail file in Australia, look no further than NSI Nails. Not only do we offer affordable, effective nail drills for sale, but we also stock all the nail drill bits and accessories you need to create stunning nail art.

Browse our collection of drills and bits today and find the quality tools you need at competitive wholesale prices. We ship Australia-wide and offer various payment options to ensure you’ll always have the supplies you need when you need them. Browse our entire collection today or get in touch with our friendly team for any questions, assistance or enquiries.


Do I need a nail drill to do my nails at home?

Unless you have especially thick or long nails, you should be fine using a manual nail file in place of a drill for nails. Nail drills can be damaging if not used properly; it may be best to leave them to the professionals.

How do I use an NSI nail drill?

Nail drills can be used to prepare natural nails or to shape and remove acrylic nails. Each NSI nail drill comes with all the instructions you need to use it safely and effectively. If you still need help or have more questions after reading the instructions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

What nail drill bits do I need to go with my NSI nail drill?

We carry a wide range of mandrels, sanding bands and barrel bits for sanding. If you need to remove gel or acrylic deposits, a cone bit is a perfect choice. If you do nails professionally, you may also need cuticle cleaners, under-nail cleaners and other speciality bits. Our beginner drill bit kit also includes all the most basic pieces you’ll need.

Why shop with NSI Nails Australia for nail drills and bits?

The NSI Nails team has been providing high-quality nail supplies at competitive prices for over 50 years. We pride ourselves on offering an extensive, professionally curated range of nail products for nail techs and DIY nail artists alike. Our products are eco-friendly, cruelty-free and designed to make your work easier, faster and better. If you’re looking for a nail drill in Australia or need other nail supplies, we’re your first choice!

Why Buy Nail Drill Bits For Sale Online?

Get a full range of tools at your fingertips when you shop with us. There are different types of nail drill bits available for sale in the Australian market and they all serve a different purpose. Metal or rubber mandrel bits are commonly used for removing gels or pedicures. Ceramic bits are hard, durable and meant for shaving off product like acrylic and hard gels. Also strong and long-lasting are diamond bits, often used to drill off any material on the nail. Synthetic rubber bits are gentler and used for buffing the surface of a nail or removing any dead cuticles. They are more prone to damage and may need to be replaced regularly depending on the frequency of usage. Safety bits are rounded and designed to be used around the cuticle without fear of damaging the nail.

Wow your customers with intricate nail designs and work at faster speeds with our portable nail drill and bits.

Can Beginners Use Portable Nail Drills?

Yes we have portable nail drills that are easy-to-use and provide you with all safety instructions. That said, keeping your nail drill bits hygienic is crucial. Keep in mind that certain drill bits cannot be cleaned or sterilised and are meant to be one-time use only so make sure you are familiar with the different types of nail drill bits available for sale online. Also, not all nail drill bits are meant for use on natural nails, so learning to use the correct types for the right purpose is necessary for all beginners.