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Spa Manicure Products

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Spa Manicure Products & Supplies

Enjoy soft, smooth hands and strong, healthy nails by adding some spa manicure essentials to your kit. From cuticle care to nourishing hand lotions, we stock a range of spa manicure supplies for professional results. Forget wasting your time in the salon and indulge in each pamper step from the comfort of your home. Our easy-to-use spa manicure products will leave your natural set gleaming and ready for any polish, designs or nail art you desire.

Find the right spa manicure supplies for your at-home kit

Whether working with long or short nails or rough or sensitive skin, we have spa manicure products to suit every situation. Remove gel polish and Shellac at home with the help of a nail buffer and lacquer remover to break down the cured coating. We have a range of files available in different grit so you can customise your spa manicure for the best results.

From acrylics and nail art to a complete manicure and pedicure treatment, our spa manicure supplies provide the helpful first steps for pulling off any nail look. Try an exfoliating gel to remove dead skin and follow with a spa manicure cream to hydrate the hands and nourish the nail beds.

Spa manicure products guarantee beautiful hands and nails

No matter what nail designs you prefer, a spa manicure can make all the difference to the final result. Help clean and tidy cuticles look more hydrated and healthy by massaging in a cuticle oil or applying a collagen-boosting glove treatment to help plump and smooth the appearance of tired hands. Whether you like to keep your nails natural or play around with gel polish kits, holographic gel polishes and accessories, our spa manicure products will ensure a flawless finish.

Buy spa manicure essentials today at NSI nails

Perfect the steps of a spa manicure in the comfort of your own home with our range of helpful solutions. At NSI nails, we pride ourselves on supplying premium quality products for flawless manicures — no matter the look or design you’re after. Buy our spa manicure products today and get in touch with our team if you have any questions about the nail products we offer or would like to make a bulk order.


How long does a spa manicure last?

The results of a spa manicure can last for 3 to 4 weeks, but it depends on the individual and their lifestyle. If your hands are subject to a lot of activity and washing, the results may not last as long. It also depends on the type of spa manicure. For example, a gel spa manicure can last longer due to the curing, whereas regular nail polish is more prone to chipping. With your spa manicure supplies at home, you can top up the results as often as you like.

What are some items that professionals use during a spa manicure?

Professional nail techs use many different products to complete a spa manicure. These items include polish remover, files, cuticle trimmers, nail buffers, gel polish brushes, spa manicure cream and more. At NSI nails, we stock all of these nail essentials so you can complete your spa manicure at home. Check out our new arrivals and contact us if you have any questions.