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Pearls Nail Art Decorations

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    Nail Shell Sheets - NSI Australia
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Pearl Nail Art

Jump on board the latest nail trend and transform your manicures and pedicures with luminous pearl nail art designs. Offering a gorgeous, smooth finish that effortlessly refracts the light, NSI Nails is home to a premium collection of nail art with pearls, gems, seashells and more. 

So, why not explore our versatile, easy-to-apply selection of dazzling designs today and kit out your salon or at-home supplies with the best pearl nail art in Australia? 

Pearl nail art gems and decoration wheels for the perfect display of designs

Offer your clients endless options with our range of nail art gems available in various shapes, shades and sizes. For a mixture of pearls and beads, opt for one of our decoration wheels that features dazzling rhinestones, gorgeous white pearls and finely detailed beads that can be applied to natural and acrylic nails. If you’re looking for mini pearls in a range of monochromatic shades and bright hues, you’ll love our multi-coloured nail art gem wheels or a rainbow kit that offers endless possibilities when it comes to the overall design and look of your set. Whether you add multiple white pearls around shaped acrylic tips or create a unique design that will impress any nail-art enthusiast, our pearl and seashell nail art designs offer a long-lasting finish that will remain intact. 

Enhance your salon offerings and shop NSI Nails’ collection of pearl nail art designs

From tiny nail art gems and pearls that add a delicate shine to your set to striking decorations that demand attention, we have everything you need to perfect your manicures and pedicures. 

With nail art designs gaining rapid popularity, there’s no better time to tap into this trend and offer your clients premium quality seashell and pearl nail art gems. If you have any questions while exploring the range available in our online store, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team today — they’d be happy to help you find the right pearl nail art designs or provide you with top tips that ensure a salon-quality finish. 


How do you get pearl nails?

The easiest way to create pearl nail art designs is to shop the range from NSI Nails. Whether you’re after large and dazzling gems or small and subtle pearls that can be applied directly to natural and acrylic nails, we have everything you need to get the job done. 

How long do pearls last on your nails?

Whether trying your hand at an at-home manicure or kitting out your highly successful salon, with the right top coat and proper application, your pearl nail art can last for two weeks or more without chipping, cracking or peeling back. 

How do you do pearl designs on your nails?

It’s really up to you! You can create your own shapes with the nail art gems in our range, opt for a minimalist design with a single pearl on each manicured finger or experiment with various jewels and place them differently so every nail is unique. 

Whatever design you choose, ensure they’re arranged on wet nail polish before a tiny drop of top coat is added to where you want to place your first bead. Using a toothpick or a dotting tool dipped in water, pick up the bead or gem and secure it into place.