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Online Classic, Hybrid & Volume Lash Boss Training

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Do you have a passion for making others feel beautiful?

And want the freedom and flexibility of being your own boss?

Monèt-Rose Beauty’s Online Classic, Hybrid & Volume Lash Boss Training was created to help guide you to success!

Our lash tech course also provides guidance on how to manage and grow your business and ensure safe workplace practices at all times.

Throughout this lash training, you will be creating beautiful lash sets on a practice sponge, a mannequin head with training strip lashes and eventually, your friends & family!

You will need to submit photos & videos of your work. On completion of your eyelash extension course, you will be issued with a Monèt-Rose Beauty Classic, Hybrid & Volume Lash Boss Certificate Of Completion.

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Advance your career with eyelash extension courses

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional technician, our lash courses are designed to elevate your artistry and set you apart in the beauty industry.

  • Increase your earning potential

Our eyelash extension course helps you attract more clients and deliver exceptional results.

  • Stay ahead of trends

Enrol in our online eyelash extension course and be the go-to specialist in the latest trends and styles.

  • Learn anytime, anywhere

Our eyelash extension course online offers the ultimate flexibility. All you need is a smartphone, laptop or tablet with internet access. Tailored for learners of all skill levels and backgrounds, our beauty courses are perfect for anyone looking to enhance their lash expertise.

Enrol in comprehensive beauty courses online

Besides lash technician courses, NSI Australia offers a wide range of gel and acrylic nail care courses. Our online shop also carries nail care essentials and beauty products to help you achieve salon-worthy results.

Contact us now to learn more about our nail art and eyelash extension courses.

Course Overview Duration Modules Prerequisites What to Expect What Will You Get

Transform your love for beauty into a career with lash training

If you’ve always been passionate about making people realise their inner beauty, why not turn your interests into your career? In this lash extension course by Monèt-Rose Beauty, you’ll be given all the tools and knowledge you need to become a professional lash technician and be your own boss in a fun, creative industry.

In this online eyelash training course, experienced lash technicians will guide you through everything you need to do to start your own lash extension business or add this service to your salon’s current offerings.

Learn how to create beautiful, long-lasting lash extensions in classic, hybrid and premade volume styles.

Get your work assessed by professionals and troubleshoot problems, and take advantage of detailed video lessons you can follow step by step.

Plus, our online lash course includes a bonus business module that gives you advice and tips on how to promote your business, present your work on social media and use marketing to increase your client base and boost your bottom line.

A lash training course that suits your lifestyle

No matter your schedule or learning style, with our flexible eyelash extension training, you can learn at a pace that works for you! There’s no time limit to completing your course, and you can work through modules whenever you want — whether in an intensive chunk or smaller sessions that fit in with your life and work commitments.

Your education doesn’t end when you receive your certificate of completion, either. Once enrolled in our lash extension training, you’ll join a Facebook support group and receive ongoing guidance from Monèt-Rose Beauty and NSI Australia to help you perfect your skills and keep your business on track.

Upskill and grow your business with beauty courses and more from NSI Australia today

Whether you’re a beautician looking to keep your skills relevant or a beauty enthusiast who wants to start earning, NSI Australia has the products and training you need to succeed. Shop the range of eyelash extension products in our online store today, or sign up for the Monèt-Rose Beauty lash training with a fully stocked student or professional kit that has everything you need.

For beginners who want to kickstart their beauty careers or professionals ready to upskill, our easy, comprehensive step-by-step beauty courses are the perfect way to gain confidence in new techniques. Explore our certified online courses for acrylic nails and Miracle Gel extensions masterclass. While you’re here, shop all the gear you need to promote your business online. Want more information about NSI’s beauty course and lash training? Get in touch with us today!

Enrolling in our beauty courses online, particularly our eyelash extension courses, empowers you to take control of your learning journey. This online lash extension course offers the flexibility to progress through the material at a pace that suits you, allowing for a more personalised and effective learning experience. 

Why Study Online?

  • Flexible Online Study, Anywhere, Anytime! (All you need is a smartphone, Laptop, Computer Or iPad & Internet Connection)
  • Learn all 3 styles, Classic, Hybrid, Pre Made Volume +  Lash Refills & Lash Removals.
  • No Time Limit - Work At Your Own Pace!
  • Certificate Upon Completion.
  • Fully Stocked Student Training Kit Valued At Over $400! Delivered right to your door! Have the products with you as you learn!
  • Access To Exclusive Student’s & Ambassador’s Only FB Support Group.
  • BONUS Social Media, Marketing, Attracting & Attaining Clients & Business Module.
  • Ongoing Support & Guidance from Monèt-Rose Beauty & NSI Australia.

Your lash training begins with a warm welcome and an insightful introduction to eyelash extensions. Lay the foundation for your journey into classic, hybrid and volume techniques, setting the stage for a comprehensive and enriching online eyelash extension course.

During our initial modules, you'll delve into the fundamentals of eyelash extensions, exploring their types and understanding the intricacies of hair growth stages. The assessments accompanying each topic ensure a thorough grasp, providing a solid foundation for your lash training.

Move on to the artistry of eyelash extensions with modules on eye shapes, lash styling techniques and addressing contradictions and challenges. These components and assessments will help refine your skills in crafting personalised lash designs, which is a fundamental aspect of your lash extension course.

Ensuring client safety and effective application techniques take centre stage in the next modules. From understanding how to use lash adhesive to mastering the use of tweezers, these assessments refine your technical and interpersonal skills, which are vital for any lash technician.

Dive deeper into product selection, the art of isolation and proper cleansing techniques. These modules enhance your understanding of key elements crucial for flawless lash extensions, paving the way for practical application and furthering your lash training.

With a strong foundation, progress to the heart of the course — lash extension application. Master volume, classic and hybrid techniques, ensuring versatility in catering to diverse client preferences. Learn the art of lash refills for continuous client care.

Conclude your lash course with aftercare practices and safely removing eyelash extensions. These modules ensure a holistic understanding of the entire eyelash extension process.

As a bonus, you’ll also learn about the business side of lash extensions with our Building Your Business module. Navigate the methods of establishing and growing your lash technician business, explore essential steps for success, leverage social media and marketing tools effectively, enhance your online presence with editing apps and learn strategies for attracting and retaining a loyal clientele for a thriving career. 

Here’s a summary of what we’ll cover in our lash courses:


  • Introduction To Eyelash Extensions
  • What Are Eyelash Extensions?
  • Hair Growth Stages
  • Different Types Of Eyelash Extensions
  • Eye shapes & Lash Styling
  • Contradictions
  • When Problems Occur
  • Safety, Sanitation & Hygiene
  • All About Lash Adhesive
  • Using Your Tweezers
  • The Consultation/ Preparation
  • Products, What, Why & Where to Buy
  • Isolation & Why it’s So Important
  • How To Cleanse Your Clients Lashes
  • How To Apply Under Eye Pads, Tape & Tape Back
  • Eyelash Extension Application
  • Volume Eyelash Extensions
  • Classic Eyelash Extensions
  • Hybrid Eyelash Extensions
  • How To Do Lash Refills
  • Finishing Up, Removing Pads & Tape
  • Eyelash Extension Aftercare
  • Eyelash Extension Removal




Business Module Curriculum:

  • Building Your Business
  • Steps To Success
  • Social Media & Marketing
  • The Best Of Editing Apps
  • Attracting & Retaining Clientele

We have no prerequisites to sign up for our lash technician courses, providing ease and accessibility for anyone eager to start a career in beauty. Our lash tech course and range of beauty courses are designed with inclusivity in mind, welcoming individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Embark on a comprehensive journey of lash training through our meticulously designed eyelash extension courses. The curriculum is thoughtfully crafted to cover every aspect of eyelash extensions, ensuring a well-rounded education for aspiring lash technicians.

With a total of nine assessments and detailed video lessons included, our online eyelash extension course ensures a thorough understanding of the craft. Plus, enjoy a bonus business module that equips you with the tools to not only master lash techniques but also excel as a thriving lash technician in the beauty industry. Elevate your skills and business acumen with our comprehensive online lash course today! 

As part of your eyelash extension course online, you can purchase a Student Training Kit valued at over $400, delivered straight to your door. This kit equips you with essential tools and materials to facilitate hands-on learning, allowing you to practice and perfect your lash techniques comfortably at home.

Included In Your Student Training Kit:

  • 3 x Pre Made Lash Trays
  • 1 x Individual Lash Tray
  • 1 x Mannequin Head
  • 5 x Training Strip Lashes
  • 10 x Under Eye Pads
  • 2 x Professional Lash Tweezers
  • 1 x Professional Lash Adhesive
  • 1 x Lash Adhesive Remover Cream
  • 1 x Foam Lash Cleanser
  • 1 x Lash Rinsing Bottle
  • 1 x Pink Lash Tape
  • 1 x Pink PE Tape
  • 1 x Lash Pallet
  • 10 x Disposable Glue Pallets
  • 50 x Lash Wands
  • 50 x Applicator Wands
  • 1 x Air Puffer

You can also choose to invest in our Lash Boss Ultimate Kit. Valued at over $500, this kit includes additional tools to further enhance your skillset and is a valuable asset as you progress in your lash training. Upgrade now for an elevated learning experience!

  • 3x 3D Premade Lash Trays
  • 3x 4D Premade Lash Trays
  • 3x 6D Premade Lash Trays
  • 2x Individual Lash Tray
  • 1x Mannequin Head
  • 10x Training Strip Lashes
  • 50x Under Eye Pads
  • 2x Professional Lash Tweezers
  • 1x Professional Adhesive
  • 1x Adhesive Remover
  • 1x Lash Cleanser
  • 1x Rinsing Bottle
  • 2x Pink Lash Tape
  • 2x PE Tape
  • 10x Disposable Glue Pallets
  • 100x Lash Wands
  • 50x Applicator Wands
  • 1x Air Puffer

Frequently Asked Questions

At NSI Australia, we think the best beauty education should be simple, comprehensive, and designed to be completed at your own pace. That’s why our lash extension training is an online course with easy-to-follow modules that will take from the very basics of eyelash extensions through the process of installing and removing lash sets, refining your technique, dealing with common problems and even using your skills to promote and run a successful business. Because you can complete the course anytime, you can refine each step until you feel totally confident with that skill or area. Then, you’ll be assessed on your work so you can improve your technique before completing your course. Along the way, you’ll pick up tips and tricks from our technicians and join an exclusive group for students and ambassadors, making you a part of a supportive community. You’ll also learn how to attract and retain clientele, create a memorable online presence and achieve the kind of growth you want to see while being your own boss.

Our student kit contains everything you’ll need to follow along with our online lash training at home. You may create beautiful lash sets using a practice sponge before moving on to a model mannequin head and, eventually, real clients. This includes lash trays, strip lashes, tweezers, professional adhesives, under-eye pads, lash wands, applicator wands, glue pallets, cleansers, adhesive removal cream and more.

No! We’ve designed our lash training course to cater for all skill levels — from absolute beginners to professional beauticians and everyone in between. Because you work through the course at your convenience, you can refresh your knowledge quickly or take your time with new concepts and techniques, practising as long as you need to build your confidence and become proficient in your new skills. We’ve specifically engineered this course to give amateurs an easy entryway into starting their own thriving business and to empower professionals to upskill, offer their clients more and stay competitive in the market.

The beauty of our lash extension training course is that you can complete it anytime you want. If you’re keen to quickly upskill and start earning with your newly learned techniques, you can work through the content in an intensive block. Need to balance study with running your business or other life events? There’s no time limit for our eyelash training course! Work through bite-size pieces when you can until you complete all the modules, and receive your completion certificate when it’s convenient for you. Feel free to reach out to us for specific advice or general support to help you complete your training to the highest possible standard.

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