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Nail Essentials

  • Primer
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    Original Price $21.50
    Current Price $17.20

    A Primer perfect for every and any type of nail enhancement. This Primer is a non-acid based air-drying primer that maximises adhesion between the ...

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  • UV Nail Lamp 80W - NSI Australia
    UV Nail Lamp 80W - NSI Australia
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    LED/UV Nail Lamp 80W

    Original Price $120.00
    Current Price $83.95

    The SUNUV X5Plus UV/LED Nail Lamp with 36 Leds For  80 watts. Made with the latest technology for curing LED and UV products.36 LED lights evenly s...

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  • Dehydrator
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    Original Price $21.50
    Current Price $17.20

    Nail Dehydrator is brushed directly on the natural nail plate to clean and dehydrate the surface of nails. Apply this after having buffed and shape...

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Have you ever seen a set of nails and wondered how the technician could get the cuticles so smooth, the design so intricate and the finish so flawless? The answer is nail essentials. From the first step of nail preparation to cuticle care, gel curing kits and finishing touches, the experts at NSI Nails know exactly what’s needed to create beautiful, long-lasting and professional-quality nails.

Browse our selection today and find nail essentials and accessories to make crafting your next manicure easy.

Find all the nail art essentials you need at NSI Nails

If you’re looking to buy nail essentials of the highest quality, NSI Nails has you covered. No matter what kind of nail method or look you’re trying to master, our nail art essentials can aid in creating all manner of designs.

Among our nail essentials, you’ll find:

  • Acetone
  • Press-on tips
  • Nail files
  • Acrylic nail brushes
  • Cuticle oil
  • Cuticle pushers
  • Brush-on glue
  • Nail primer
  • Top coat
  • Portable nail drills
  • Nail baths
  • Foil transfer gels
  • LED/UV nail lamps
  • Nail dotting tools
  • Soft hair dusting brushes
  • Brush holder stands
  • Foot files
  • Toenail clippers

Whether you’re working with natural nails, gel or acrylic sets, a professional finish to your manicure will be made much easier with our nail essentials. Enjoy better precision, attention to detail and smoother results that allow you to embrace your creativity and nail art passion.

NSI Nails — Your go-to for nail art essentials in Australia

With a finger on the pulse of what’s new and what works, NSI Nails has been advancing the technology of nail products for over 50 years, providing professional nail technicians with solutions that allow for faster work and increased profitability.

From nail preparation to cuticle oil, gel polish kits and IBX and nail treatments, we understand the importance of each step and the nail art accessories required to create beautiful, next-level manicures.

At NSI Nails, we provide wholesale nail essentials through our online store — all products are HEMA-free, MMA-free, 11-toxin-free, vegan and cruelty-free. If you need help sourcing the right nail essentials for you or your business, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team of professionals today.


What are the nail essentials?

Whether creating a set of acrylics with a shimmer finish or working with decals for a 3D nail look, certain nail essentials will come in handy for every type of manicure. Keeping frequently used items such as acetone, nail files, cuticle pushers, cuticle trimmers, primer and top coats on hand will allow you to produce a professional finish every time.

What products do I need as a beginner in nail tech?

Having the proper tools and nail essentials is key to success. Some of the products that will allow you to be more creative, proficient and professional at your work include:

  • Nail clippers and cuticle trimmer — Essential for trimming the nails and safely and hygienically removing dead skin and hangnails
  • Nail file and buffer — To shape and smooth the nails
  • Dusting brush — For cleaning the nails of dirt and debris as you work
  • Nail drill — To file acrylic nails and remove previous nail enhancements
  • Nail brushes — For applying and shaping acrylics and gels
  • Acetone — To remove polish, soak nails and clean brushes
  • Manicure bowls — For soaking your feet in
  • Nail art accessories — Including items such as nail art pens, glitter, gems and rhinestones for unique and creative designs
  • Disinfectant — To keep your tools, products and work area hygienic

What equipment do I need to do my nails at