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Nail Art Foil

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    Foil Aluminum Strips
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    Jars of Nail Art Aluminum Foil Flakes Strips Range of 6 popular Colours: Pink, Red, Green, Purple, Silver and Gold.Easy to use with your nail art.

Are you looking to add some high-impact glitz and glamour to your nail art? Nail art foils are the way to go! Nail foils are super easy to apply and will take your nail art to the next level with a fabulous decorative shimmer.  

With over 50 years of experience in the nail supplies industry, NSI Nails is home to Australia’s most extensive range of nail art transfer foils. Elevate your nail art game with nail foils in different colours, prints, and lustre levels to suit a range of manicure styles. All our nail art transfer foils are designed for nail art lovers and professionals looking to spruce up their techniques.

High-quality nail art transfer foils for all your intricate designs 

Nail foils are the best way to create unique and mesmerising patterns on acrylic nails. You can choose to be creative with neon, metallic, glitter, mesh, flakes, and seasonal foils. At NSI Nails, you can find all types of nail art foils online, including striping tape, flakes and transfer foils. Add some quirkiness to your nail art by picking premium foil art for nails and bringing the most challenging designs to life. 

Buy the trendiest nail art foils online today at NSI Nails 

Discover the creative practice of using foil art for nails with NSI Nails today. Get pampered with our complete range of nail accessories and systems, including acrylic nails, gels, nail essentials, and so much more. If you have any questions, contact our team to learn more about the best manicure accessories we offer.


What are nail foils?

Nail foils are decorative adhesive elements that are added to designer nail art designs. There are two types of nail art foils — the first type is scrunched up and needs to be placed and stuck on the nail with the help of tweezers and gel polish. The other type is nail art transfer foils that can be transferred onto your nails when a unique foil adhesive is used.

Can you use nail foils on natural nails?

Yes, you can use nail foils on natural nails using a base coat layer and a thick gel polish. Start by layering your nails with a base coat, and paint them with a gel polish that matches the colour of your nail foil. Make sure your nails are completely dry before applying the nail adhesive and foiling. Layer your foiled staples with two rounds of non-quick drying top coat, and voila, your natural nails are all ready to go!

How do you apply nail art transfer foils?

Nail art transfer foils are very easy to use and apply. Start with a dry nail and evenly brush on the nail adhesive. Once the adhesive dries completely, do not touch it. Cut the foil into the desired length or shape and then press it onto the nails with the shiny or pattern side up. Rub the entire surface of the foil piece and then gently peel off the clear backing from the foil. Finish it up with a layer of top coat to the whole nail.

What type of nail foils does NSI Nails offer?

NSI Nails has provided Australian nail lovers and professional technicians alike with advanced nail products and systems for the past 50 years. We offer a wide range of high-quality nail art transfer foils, coloured striping tape, metallic nail foil, metallic nail flakes and metallic mesh for professional-grade nail art designs. Get creative and start making your unique nail art with nail foils today.