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IBX Nail Treatments

If your nails are prone to peeling, splitting or tearing, it’s time to incorporate the IBX nail treatment into your manicure routine. This revolutionary nail system targets, treats and strengthens severely damaged and brittle nails, bringing them back to their best.

Packed with hardening agents and a nourishing combination of jojoba and avocado oil, the IBX treatment is a worthy investment for those who wish to repair and supercharge nail growth, so you can achieve a set that can withstand buffing, filing and painting.

How the IBX treatment works to improve nail strength

The IBX nail treatment is a two-part system that acts as a protective shield for the natural nail under any polish. Packed with toughening agents that fuse the nail’s top layers to strengthen from within, this treatment will also fill deep nail grooves, enhance your natural nail colour, and reduce white spots that occur with the consistent use of gel polish.

So, if you’re ready to improve the quality of your nails and prevent splitting or cracking, the IBX treatment is a must-have. Choose from our trio pack that contains a strengthen, repair and cuticle treatment, or go for the two-step system that will improve nail plate integrity under any nail enhancement — be it shellac, acrylics or gel polish.

Shop the best nail treatments online today at NSI Nails

Along with the revolutionary IBX treatment, you’ll find luxury lotions for hand and cuticle care at NSI Nails. These moisturising creams smooth and soothe dry skin while penetrating the cuticles to correct dryness and flakiness. We also offer an antifungal hand and foot treatment that kills fungus to reduce the chances of nasty bacterial infections.

If you have any questions about our IBX nail treatment, please get in contact with our friendly team today. We’d be more than happy to help you enhance your natural nails so you can achieve a shiny finish.


Is IBX good for your nails?

Absolutely. When you buy the IBX nail treatment, it works to strengthen and harden your nails from within, so the days of worrying about rips, tears, and cracks are gone. This innovative system also improves the appearance of deep nail grooves and works to enhance their overall colour and appearance.

How often should you use IBX nail treatments?

While the frequency of application depends on the condition of your nails, if they are severely damaged, we recommend using the IBX treatment once a week. As your nails gradually improve, you can extend the intervals between applications.

What type of IBX nail treatments does NSI Nails offer?

Here at NSI Nails, we offer a mini trio pack and a duo pack of IBX treatments. The trio pack includes strengthen and repair products and an organic oil that’s both a nail and skin treatment. This deeply nourishing oil is perfect for adding to your cuticles to soften them before the other treatments. On the other hand, our duo pack consists of the IBX strengthen and repair products which must be used in conjunction to improve nail plate integrity under any gel polish coating.