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Nail Primers

  • Primer
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    A Primer perfect for every and any type of nail enhancement. This Primer is a non-acid based air-drying primer that maximises adhesion between the ...

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  • Primer Refill 120ml - NSI Australia
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    Primer Refill 120ml

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    Perfect bulk nail Primer to use before every and any type of nail products and enhancements. This Primer is a non-acid based air-drying primer that...

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Ensure a good bond on even the trickiest of nails and create lasting manicures with the range of nail primers from NSI Nails Australia. Designed to create the perfect base for both classic and avant-garde nail art, a nail primer is a must-have in any nail technician’s repertoire, giving you the best base on which to build any design.

Choose from the original formula and acid-free nail primers online

NSI Nails Australia offers a selection of traditional acid-based and acid-free nail primers that work lightning fast to prepare the nail plate for nail extensions. Suitable for both gel and acrylics, our nail primers work by dehydrating the nail’s surface, removing natural oils that can be a barrier to a good bond. Especially if a client has a curved or a tricky nail shape, a nail primer will help you achieve a lasting adhesive connection, preventing nail lifting, chipping and cracking.

Shop the safe and effective gel nail primer from NSI Nails Australia

Formulated by our in-house chemists, every one of NSI Nails’ nail primers is safe for salon clients and at-home use. The air drying nail primers in our collection will not stain or discolour the nail or nail extension products, nor will they burn or damage the skin. The low odour formula is pleasant to use, and many of our nail primer products contain nourishing vitamins. The result is a fast-working product you can always rely on to give your nails the staying power they need.

NSI Nails Australia — your home for quality nail care products

Whether it’s for salon based nail technicians, mobile nail art professionals or at-home use, NSI Nails Australia offers reliable nail products to help you achieve the perfect result. Get creative with our nail art products — perfect for adding the wow factor to any manicure. Shop the essential accessories any manicurist needs for a professional result, or discover the full range of acrylic nail and gel nail products and create the glamorous nail shape of your dreams. With over 50 years of experience, our team is here to help you get the most out of our professional nail primers, nail products and accessories. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll help you out with any of your nail-related questions.


What is a nail primer?

Under regular nail polish, a base coat is usually sufficient to prep the nail for a manicure. However, unlike base coats that contain plasticisers and are designed to provide a flexible base for nail polish, nail primers remove oil from the nail’s surface and provide a thin, sticky layer of adhesive. This helps both acrylic and gel nail extensions bond to the nail plate.

What can I use instead of nail primer?

While a clear base coat can be used under regular nail polish, you really can’t miss out on the nail primer step for gel polish or acrylic nails. Nail primer will also help prevent regular nail polish from chipping and cracking while also stopping nails from lifting.

What type of nail primers does NSI Nails Australia sell?

We offer both traditional acid-based bonding nail primers and acid-free primers to give you a choice, depending on your preference for superior bonding or a more gentle formula.