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Gel Nail Polish Kits

  • PolyGel Kit - NSI Australia
    PolyGel Kit - NSI Australia
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    PolyGel Kit

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    PolyGel Kit with PolyExtend Nail Forms so amazing! A great nail kit including everything you need! PolyGel can be used for doing great nail extensi...

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Give your hands that beautiful shine of gel polish from the comfort of your own home with NSI Nails Australia gel polish kits. Whether you’re new to the gel polish game or you’ve been creating nail art for your clients for years, our gel nail kits are the perfect way to showcase your design skills.

Professional-grade gel nail polish kits and more

Gel nails are beautiful and durable — but only if they’re applied correctly. Luckily for all gel nail enthusiasts out there, you can buy gel nail polish kits from NSI Nails that come with everything you need to create unbelievable nails. Our kits are available in a range of sizes and prices, and all include high-quality tools, products and instructions that will ensure you’re applying gel nails like a professional.

New to gel nail application? Our student kit is the best gel nail starter kit in Australia. It contains all the essentials such as nail primer, base coat, top coat, nail forms and a nail lamp to help you sculpt and decorate perfect nails.

If you’ve been applying gel nail polish for a while, be sure to look at our professional kits. Not only do these kits provide all the basic materials for applying gel nails, but they also come with additional products that will increase the quality of your gel nails.

Don’t forget to browse our range of gel polish colours to find the perfect style to suit your taste. We carry everything from silver glitter polish and bright disco colours to subtle pastels and glowing jewel tones. You’ll also find a selection of fun and unique glow-in-the-dark gels, spider gel, colour-changing gel and even magnetic gel polish.

Discover the best gel nail polish kits at NSI Nails Australia

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been doing gel nails for years, NSI Nails Australia is the best place to buy gel nail polish kits online. Our affordable prices, exceptional products and huge range make us one of Australia’s top go-to suppliers for all things nails. Visit our site today to browse our collection or get in touch with our team for help finding your perfect product.


Are gel nail kits better than acrylic kits?

It all depends on your preferences. Both gel nails and acrylic nails are great options for artificial nail enhancements. Gel nails offer a glossier look and are often easier to apply, while acrylic nails are more durable. If you’re not sure which kit will work best for you, be sure to talk to our friendly team — we’re always on hand to help you find the perfect one!

What is included in the NSI Nails gel nail polish kit?

The contents of your kit depend on which one you buy. For example, our gel starter kit contains essentials such as a brush, builder gel, gel polish colour, and a top coat, while our professional kit contains additional products including nail files, buffers, cuticle oil and much more. You can find a complete list of kit contents on each gel nail kit’s page.

Why should I shop at NSI Nails Australia for gel nail kits?

Our family-owned business is dedicated to producing high-quality, affordable gel nail polish kits and other nail products for nail professionals and DIY nail enthusiasts. When it comes to nails, we’re proud to offer the best prices, best products and fastest shipping in Australia. Browse our complete collection of gel nail kits online today.