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Nail Shapers, Filers & Buffers

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    Pro Sponge File

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Shape, smooth and prep nails for any service with the range of nail filers online from NSI Nails Australia. Shop the collection of professional nail buffers and disposable nail filers — perfect for in-salon use and getting a premium result at home. Plus, you can make any manicure last longer with nail filers and buffers from our online store.

Get the look you want with professional nail buffers and filers

Whether you have your own salon or you want to create an elevated look at home, professional-grade nail filers and buffers will make a world of difference. Because nail files use friction to ‘grab’ and wear down the nail, it’s important you choose the best nail filers with the appropriate grit. This will help remove bulk and smooth the nail without risking any damage.

Starting with the most coarse nail file, typically an 80 grit, will help you to reduce the nail without causing fatigue. 100 and 150 grit nail filers are ideal for smoothing out the free edge and refining the shape further. 180 to 240 grit nail files are the finest grit available and will further smooth any uneven points on the nail that might otherwise snag or catch on clothing. Fine and extra-fine nail filers are also great to use on the surface of the nail as well as the sidewall. This tool will give you a smoother result at the base of the nail around the cuticle.

Finally, a buffing block will help to smooth out the surface of the nail plate and bring out its natural shine. The best nail buffers can work on natural nails and extensions alike, bringing out a luminosity in the nail plate to enhance any manicure.

Choose NSI Nail Australia for the best nail filers and buffers

Through decades of experience in the nail industry, we have perfected our range of products to deliver impeccable results in a salon and an at-home environment. As well as our fingernail buffer and toenail filers, our online store has a huge range of essential accessories, nail art products, and everything you need to install both acrylic and gel nail extensions. Chat to us today about how you can take your nail artistry to the next level.


How long do nail filers last?

As soon as you stop feeling any resistance from a nail filer, it means that friction has worn down the grit level, and the file is no longer effective. Depending on how often you use a nail file, this may take anywhere from a few uses to a few months. In general, though, emery board nail files shouldn’t be used for more than three months — and we recommend single-use disposable nail files in salons to avoid hygiene concerns.

Do nail filers have layers?

We stock a collection of nail filers, nail file sets and buffer blocks that come with a range of increasing grit sizes for a step by step approach to finessing nails. These nail files are generally made from a layer of grit that is adhered to a softer sponge or rigid core to make filing more effortless and improve control.