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AIR DRY Acrylic Dipping KIT - Strong nails in no time!

NO need for a nail lamp. Fast air drying, colourful nails!

An AIR DRY DIP SYSTEM that can be used for tips/extensions and also as an overlay on natural nails.

It's easy to use and easy to remove.

Kit includes:

5x 12ml bottles: #1 Primer, #2 Base Coat, #3 Activator, #4 Top Coat, #5 Brush Saver.
5x Acrylic Powders 10g.
1x File, 1x Dust brush and 2x Replacement brushes.

Acrylic Air Dry Dipping System ~ How to use:

  1. Sanitise hands, push the cuticles back, and use the nail file to shape and remove the shine from the nails.
  2. Apply #1 Primer on top of each nail.
  3. Apply #2 Base Coat and DIP in the Acrylic Powder of your choice.
  4. Brush off the excess powder with soft brush.
  5. Repeat and Apply #2 Base Coat a second time and DIP again in the Acrylic Powder of your choice. Then brush off the excess powder with a soft brush.
  6. Apply #3 Activator and let it dry and set hard.
  7. Refine the nails by filing them to get a smooth surface. Brush off the dust, and re-apply the #3 Activator again and let it dry set hard.
  8. Apply #4 Top Coat and let it dry. Repeat again by reapplying the #4 Top Coat a 2nd time and let dry.
  9. Grab #5 Brush Saver and use by dipping the other bottle brushes inside #5 bottle to clean #1,#2,#3 & #4 brushes.
  10. After use always keep your brushes inside their bottles, close airtight, keep bottles upright and stored out of Sunlight.

Dip Kit 1 Powder colours are: 194-4 (white), 012-4, 013-4, 007-4, 511-4

Dip Kit 2 Powder Colours are: 227-4, 655-4, 511-4, 541-4, 450-4

Congratulations, and enjoy your Kit from NSI Australia.

ACRYLIC POWDERS you can use with this dipping system.

HOW TO USE ~ Step-by-Step  Demo with the use of CLEAR Acrylic Powder as a re-enforcement adding more layers and a GLITTERY Acrylic powder too.

HOW TO USE ~ Step-by-Step Demo using a few steps with a Pink Colour only.

HOW TO USE ~ Step-by-Step Demo using a few steps with a Red Colour.

Hot Tip: Keep you Brush-On-Caps & bottles cleaned => Always clean the brush-on-cap on a nail wipe before putting it back into your bottles.

Hot Tip: Always use a soft dusting brush to remove the excess of powder off the nails, before following onto the next step.

Customer Reviews

Based on 102 reviews
Didi R.
SNS Dipping Powder set

I was so happy to receive my kit earlier than expected. It is easier to use than I thought it would be. The best thing is you don't need to cure nails under a lamp and it doesn't smell as bad as acrylic.

Grace K.
Overall good with price and quaility

easy to use with number guide. File wasn't that good. Hard to file. I used mine

Siena B.
Great quality product

Great quality product, I’ll also want a cuticle protecting, peel off glue to protect them better. I would like to try the acrylic gel dip also for comparison. It would be highly beneficial to purchase an electric nail kit also.

Tracey T.

happy with the product new to Acrylic dipping but for a first time user all good so far

Bianca H.
Super easy to use

A very easy kit to use, i used it over tips and it was so simple. Definitely would be easy for beginners to use and the end product is awesome.