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Spa Pedicure Products

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Invest in self-care and deliver an unmatched experience with the best spa pedicure

Want to give your customers the treatment they deserve or pamper yourself at home? NSI Australia offers an expansive range of spa pedicure supplies to cleanse, nourish and moisturise feet back to their best. When you or your clients are looking to institute a regular complete body care regimen, our salon pedicure products will enable you to lead with effective foot care treatments that soften and smoothen skin.

Whether you’re looking to expand your services and offer deeper treatments to your customers, or you want to refresh your customer offering with spa pedicure products that better target common foot and nail concerns and help strengthen the nail bed, NSI Australia is your one-stop shop to cater to your or your customer’s needs and preferences at wholesale prices.

Reinvigorate your customers from heel to toe with a skin and nail refreshing foot and pedicure spa

At NSI Australia, we offer products that help you gently and quickly perform your pedicure, whether it’s an express treatment or a long session that invites you or your customers to linger and relax. Whether you’re a pedicurist looking for the most effective and hygienic tools to slough away dead skin or you want to shape your nails at home, our collection is your ultimate beauty solution. Our professional salon range includes:

  • Disposable moisturising and exfoliating socks
  • Lotion and scrub sets
  • Soaking tub vitamin infusions
  • Softening and deodorising cleanses
  • Foot scrubs
  • Callus removal lotions
  • Disposable pedicure kits
  • Buffers and nail and cuticle files
  • Pumice stones
  • Gel and lacquer removal packs
  • Cuticle oil and nail hardeners
  • Cuticle pushers
  • Hospital-grade disinfectant

Whatever spa pedicure products you choose, you can rest assured that our in-house professionals have tested each, and all are gentle on the skin, vegan, cruelty and toxin-free.

Fit out your salon and give your customers the best spa pedicure with NSI Australia

Clients deserve to enjoy a complete and relaxing spa pedicure experience when they visit your salon. Treat them to a session they will never forget, and make them want to return with effective spa pedicure products that don’t compromise on cost. With our wholesale prices, you can design a complete treatment that leaves you or your clients and their feet feeling and looking their best.

If you’re looking to expand your beauty offering, explore the complete range, including new-release spa facial products, spa skincare products, acrylic nails, nail polish and nail art kits, and enjoy free delivery to your doorstep across Australia on all orders over $99. 


What is a spa pedicure?

Spa pedicures are more than a little extra pampering and a session offering luxurious relaxation; they are an essential treatment your clients need to maintain the health of their feet, skin and nails. Using dedicated spa pedicure supplies, you can moisturise, nourish and maintain proper nail and foot care to soften and smoothen skin, shape nails or help manage issues of calluses and other cosmetic foot concerns. 

What happens at a foot and pedicure spa?

  1. A spa pedicure begins with soaking your or your client’s feet in a warm bath infused with oils, salts and antioxidants to soften the skin and prepare it for further treatment.
  2. The pedicurist will trim and shape your or your client’s nails, clean the cuticles and buff the nail surface. Using foot and nail files and exfoliating scrubs, they may remove calluses or rough skin.
  3. Full-service salons may apply a moisturising foot mask or wrap, along with warm towels or paraffin wax, for added hydration. A foot and lower leg massage often follows to relieve tension and improve circulation. 
  4. Complete your spa pedicure treatment and choose a polish for your or your client’s nails, including a base coat, colour polish and top coat. Options like nail art can be offered as additional services.

What is different about a spa pedicure?

A spa pedicure goes beyond a conventional pedicure — it uses specialised spa pedicure products to offer a refreshing, invigorating foot and nail care treatment experience coupled with a more luxurious and indulgent experience. By incorporating massage, essential oils, body care products such as masks, exfoliating salt scrubs and other sensory products, you can expertly maintain and pamper your or your client’s feet and create the perfect canvas to show off nail polish.

How often should you get a spa pedicure?

Like any cosmetic treatment, how often you or your clients return for a spa pedicure depends on how much you like to get pampered or your lifestyle factors that require maintenance. Most people enjoy getting salon pedicure products applied monthly, while others may prefer to combine them when they refresh their nail polish.

Which type of pedicure is best?

The best kind of pedicure is any that helps you or your clients maintain soft skin, shapely nails and lasting colour.