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Nail Drills & Drill Bits

  • Economic Portable Drill + Starter Nail Drill Bits Kit
    Portable Nail Drill
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    Portable Nail Drill

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    Portable Electric Nail File. Light Duty for Personal Use. Up to 30,000RPM and left or right direction. Control Box with charger. Lightweight Handp...

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Portable Nail Drills & Drill Bits For Sale In Australia

If you are a professional manicurist and nail artist, staying ahead of the trends and keeping your skills up-to-date regularly is a necessary but tedious step. Some state-of-the-art nail tools you want to have in your arsenal is a portable nail drill and various bits. Nail Systems International carries portable nail drills and different types of bits for sale online, delivering them to you in any Australian state. Discover our portable nail drill and different drill bits that will not only make your service more efficient for customers, but can also help you achieve a more precise manicure finish.

Why Buy Nail Drill Bits For Sale Online?

Get a full range of tools at your fingertips when you shop with us. There are different types of nail drill bits available for sale in the Australian market and they all serve a different purpose. Metal or rubber mandrel bits are commonly used for removing gels or pedicures. Ceramic bits are hard, durable and meant for shaving off product like acrylic and hard gels. Also strong and long-lasting are diamond bits, often used to drill off any material on the nail. Synthetic rubber bits are gentler and used for buffing the surface of a nail or removing any dead cuticles. They are more prone to damage and may need to be replaced regularly depending on the frequency of usage. Safety bits are rounded and designed to be used around the cuticle without fear of damaging the nail.

Wow your customers with intricate nail designs and work at faster speeds with our portable nail drill and bits.

Can Beginners Use Portable Nail Drills?

Yes we have portable nail drills that are easy-to-use and provide you with all safety instructions. That said, keeping your nail drill bits hygienic is crucial. Keep in mind that certain drill bits cannot be cleaned or sterilised and are meant to be one-time use only so make sure you are familiar with the different types of nail drill bits available for sale online. Also, not all nail drill bits are meant for use on natural nails, so learning to use the correct types for the right purpose is necessary for all beginners.

Get Our Portable Nail Drill Delivered To Your Australian Location

At NSI you can find a variety of portable nail drill and drill bits types available for sale online. Whether you are a beginner nail technician or a professional nail artist, a quality portable nail drill will be your greatest asset. Explore our full range of nail drill and drill bits to impress your customers at their next nail appointment.

Plus, we also supply a number of accessories and nail art tools including lamps. Whether you operate a home nail salon or an established chain nail salon in Australia, we will be able to deliver the products you need for a successful business.

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