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Spa Facial & Treatments

Shop facial spa treatments you will love to incorporate into every routine

Want to treat your skin to a more youthful you, or are you looking to pamper your clients with a spa facial that will keep them coming back for more — either way, our facial treatment products are just what you need for easy skin maintenance that leaves a lasting radiance.

At NSI Autralia, we’re your one-stop beauty destination stocking the best facial spa products you can rely on to improve your skin’s texture, look and feel. From cult favourites to items to test the latest skincare and cosmetic trends, we have it all at competitive wholesale prices you can’t get enough of.

Explore the best spa facial products that are easy to use

Maintaining a self-care routine doesn’t need to be long and laborious. With the best facial treatment spa products at your beauty table, you can opt for an express treatment to quickly prep your skin before momentous events, or when you have the time and need a little extra TLC, you can layer your skin with efficacious products that nourish your dermis from the inside out. 

Explore our expansive range and find everything you need at your fingertips to resupply your facial spa or treat yourself at home. Our in-house team of professionals tests all our facial treatment products so you and your clients can enjoy soothing formulas during your twice-daily skincare routine or monthly spa facial treatments. 

Since the best facial spa treatments start with a clean foundation, feel free to discover our selection of cleansers that will gently slough away makeup and debris with a soft fragranced lather. Nurture your skin from head to toe with our innovative collagen masks for the face, hands and feet that hydrate and refresh your skin with a brighter finish. 

If you want to pamper your clients and deliver a complete beauty package, we offer skincare-infused makeup that provides lightweight, high-coverage formulas while bestowing a nourishing wash of antioxidants to improve your skin’s texture and clarity throughout the day.

If you’re looking to optimise your skin’s maintenance or help manage your skin concerns, enjoy the NSI Australia difference and take advantage of a vetted and curated selection of vegan, cruelty-free formulations that enhance the appearance of your dermis without the chemical nasties. Whether you carefully consider the products you use or have sensitive skin, you can rest assured you’re investing in holistic and premium spa facial products you or your clients will clamour for.

Shop the complete range of spa facial and treatment products at NSI Australia today

From new releases to skincare and body care, NSI Australia is the leading destination for beauty products you can easily integrate into your routine. While you love us for our range of pedicure or manicure products, nail polish and acrylic nails, we also have all the tools you need to offer a complete package to treat and spoil your clients or yourself. Add your new go-to products to your shopping cart and enjoy free delivery across Australia on all orders over $99. Need help finding the right facial treatment products? Contact our team for expert advice and product recommendations. 


What is a spa facial?

A facial spa can offer any service to rejuvenate your complexion, including facial treatment products that prepare your skin for active ingredients, routines that cleanse, condition and moisturise it to improve hydration and clarify texture and professional makeup applications to adorn you with a full face ready to leave impressions during special occasions.

How long does a spa facial last?

The best facial treatment spa products contain effective ingredients to help you achieve softer skin that sloughs away debris trapped in pores and leaves a lasting glow. 

Whether you’re looking for a self-care regimen for yourself or offer unique services to your clients, you can design and tailor a routine to your needs and preferences, whether it’s an express 30-minute session that includes a relaxing sheet mask treatment or a long extended session that includes painting a full face for events with cosmetics infused with antioxidants that nourish the skin throughout the night.

How often should you get a facial spa?

On top of your regular twice-daily skincare routine, you should incorporate the best spa facial products every four weeks to follow your skin’s natural renewal process for optimal maintenance and results. However, this timeframe can be adjusted based on individual needs — some factors to consider include:

  • Skin type — If you have oily skin, more frequent spa facials may be beneficial to help manage oil production and prevent breakouts. On the other hand, if you have dry or sensitive skin, spacing out facials every six to eight weeks may be more suitable to avoid overstimulation.
  • Skin concerns — If you have specific skin concerns, such as hyperpigmentation, fine lines or scarring, a series of facials may be recommended to target these issues.
  • Lifestyle factors — You should also consider your lifestyle and its impact on your skin. If you frequently wear makeup or are exposed to environmental stressors, regular use of facial treatment products can help keep your skin clean and healthy.

What to wear to a spa facial?

You can wear whatever makes you or your clients feel most comfortable. At your facial spa, you may provide your clients a robe or covering to protect their garments from fallout and getting wet. If you’re at home and following a self-care routine, you may feel more comfortable wearing lounge clothes.