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Liner Art Gel

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Liner Gel Colours to create fantastic nail art designs.

LED and UV curable into a nail lamp.
Very easy to use on top of acrylic or gel enhancements.
Formulated with a high density of pigments.

Large range of colours:

Classic Colours - Code C001 to C012

Essential Colours - Code E001 to E012

Neon Colours - Code N001 to N006

Pastel Colours - Code P001 to P006

Reflective Colours - Code R001 to R006

Metallic Chrome Colours - Code MC01 to MC06

Glow in the Dark Colours - Code GD01 to GD06

12 Liner Art Gel Collection Kits

Keep away from heat. UV Curable, keep out of direct light.

Colour / Image / Description Disclaimer

How to use Step-by-Step

Apply a thin coat of gel polish for your background and cure 30s in a LED lamp / 60s in a UV lamp. Remove the sticky layer with Cleanse. Wipe off the liner brush on the bottle neck to take excess or gel out. Create your design by using the liner gel brush and use a thin detailing nail art brush for even more precision on your designs. Cure into the lamp, 30s for LED and 60s for UV. Apply a Gel Topcoat and cure for 60s LED and 2mn in a UV lamp. Enjoy your newly painted, hand designed beautiful nails💅🏻

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Gail G.
Liner art gel

Love these, they flow beautifully to create intense, effective designs , very impressed!

Melissa L.

I have been using gel polish for drawing designs and they never look as good as vids on the internet and I always wondered why. It's because I want using the right stuff!! I got the black to try and it's completly opaque with just 1 coat. I'm ordering more!

Gel liner review

Looks Amazing and perfect for creating intricate designs

Tammy S.
Gel liner

Luv these liners, easy to use. My favourite liner to use

Milly R.

really great quality and affordable liners! Easy to use and super opaque! Highly recommend 💖