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Nail Prep & Dehydrators

  • Dehydrator
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    Nail Dehydrator is brushed directly on the natural nail plate to clean and dehydrate the surface of nails. Apply this after having buffed and shape...

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  • Primer
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    A Primer perfect for every and any type of nail enhancement. This Primer is a non-acid based air-drying primer that maximises adhesion between the ...

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  • Primer Refill 120ml - NSI Australia
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    Primer Refill 120ml

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    Perfect bulk nail Primer to use before every and any type of nail products and enhancements. This Primer is a non-acid based air-drying primer that...

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A great manicure starts with proper nail prep

If you enjoy doing your own nails or are a professional manicurist, you love that satisfying reveal of perfectly finished nail art. But in order to get to that beautiful finished product, you need to lay a good foundation.

The best techniques and products in the world won’t last or give you a flawless finish without proper nail prep. With the range of nail preparation kits, products and tools from NSI Australia, you can make sure that your nails are appropriately prepared for a manicure that looks great and lasts.

We stock a range of high-quality, affordable nail prep products, including:

  • Nail files and buffers to give a smooth, even surface
  • Hospital-grade disinfectant to sanitise tools between clients
  • Nail steamers to safely remove nail products and extensions
  • Nail preparation kits with nail tips and adhesives
  • Nail dehydrators to prepare nails for extensions or other treatments
  • PH bonder that doesn’t just dehydrate but balances the pH of the nail bed
  • LED and UV nail lamps
  • Nail primers to promote better adhesion
  • And more!

The best nail dehydrators and nail primers for salon or at-home use

The key reason behind manicures, acrylics, and gel nails lifting and not lasting is often not the products or application quality but rather the lack of proper nail preparation. Starting with the right nail prep is essential to ensure longevity and prevent lifting issues.

While it may seem tempting to skip these steps, neglecting to buff, dehydrate and prime the nails can hinder the proper adhesion of nail products. The presence of natural oils on the hands and fingers can prevent a strong bond, leading to premature lifting or peeling of your manicure. Additionally, failing to thoroughly remove dust from buffed nails can result in an uneven surface, impeding your nail products’ smooth application and adherence.

With the range of nail prep and high-quality nail dehydrators and nail primers in our online store, you can get salon-quality results.

Up your nail game with NSI Australia

Whether it’s adding in those elements to nourish and pamper your nails like cuticle oil or stepping up your nail game with the latest nail tools and nail and beauty education, NSI Australia has got you covered. Shop the range of nail preparation kits and nail prep essentials online today, and enjoy free shipping Australia-wide when you spend over $99.

Frequently Asked Questions

Properly prepping your nails does require a few steps, but if you want to create that salon professional look at home, it’s well worth taking the extra time! Start by shaping your natural nail, trimming if necessary, filing the tip of the nail to smooth any roughness, and then buffing over the face of the nail to create a smooth surface.

If necessary, use a cuticle remover as well to reveal the surface of the nail. Use a dusting brush and sponge to clean away any dust or debris. After buffing and shaping, a nail prep dehydrator should be applied to clean and prepare the nail plate. Follow with a nail primer to promote better adhesion.

A nail dehydrator is an essential step to get your manicures and nail art to last as part of a nail prep routine. Nail dehydrators work to clean nails and provide a good surface on top of which you can apply nail primer and then polish, acrylic or gel.

Unlike alcohol wipes or acetone, which can be unnecessarily harsh on nails, nail dehydrators are designed specifically to help nail products adhere and sit smoothly on the plate of the nail, helping manicures last longer and making the removal safer and more straightforward.

Nail primer is designed to help promote the adhesion of nail extensions, hard gel sculpting and acrylics. Before you apply primer, use a nail dehydrator to prepare your nail plate. It will remove the natural oils and other contaminants that can interfere with the effectiveness of products like primer. By applying nail dehydrator first, you’ll provide a solid foundation for any style of manicure to lay over the top.

Acetone is an option for removing nail polish and other manicure products, but it’s very harsh and damaging when used to strip the natural oils from the nail plate as part of nail prep. Especially when working on clients or if you regularly wear manicures and nail extensions, professional nail products like a dedicated nail dehydrator will give you a much better result and help protect the integrity of your nails in the long term.