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Nail Tools and Equipments

  • Rainbow Nail Tools - NSI Australia
    Rainbow Nail Tools - NSI Australia
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    Rainbow Nail Tools

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The difference between a good manicure and a great one often comes down to the little details. A manicure that starts with well-prepared nails and features fine details will not only look better but will last longer too. The secret to getting a great result? It all comes down to the nail tools in your arsenal.

Keep nails healthy and well maintained with quality manicure tools

Preparing the nail bed for either polish or nail extensions and maintaining a healthy cuticle is essential for any at-home or professional nail technician. NSI Nails stock a variety of cuticle pushers and cuticle cutters to help you prepare the nail for whatever will come next. Whether you’re adding extensions or keeping the nail natural, a quality nail shaping tool and sharp, precise nail scissors will keep nails from snagging or ripping. Nail clippers or tip cutters are a must-have for quickly reshaping adhesive nails before you start refining the shape with nail filers.

All the nail tools you need to create a masterpiece

If you’ve been wowed by intricate nail art and wondered how it was achieved, the secret was probably manicure tools. NSI Nails Australia offers a range of tools to help to create ornate and detailed designs with ease. Our curved tweezers are perfect for handling and positioning stones or hanging charms. The range of dotting tools and silicone brushes make it easy to map out and create geometric or organic flowing nail art shapes or experiment with our magnet tool for cat eyes magnetic gel polish. The stainless steel palette and mixers are simple to clean and make it easy to create any custom colour, ombre or marbled effect.

Choose NSI Nails Australia for quality nail care you can trust

From essential nail accessories to quality acrylic nail products and everything in between, NSI Nails Australia has you covered. With over 50 years of experience in the nail industry, our in-house chemists have developed products that you can rely on to give you excellent results every time. Shop our gel nail collectionand invest in high-quality nail tools that are indispensable in any good nail technician’s tool kit.

Need help finding the right product for you? Our team is here to help! Simply get in touch, and we can guide you through the range of nail tools and products to suit your needs.


What basic nail tools do you need?

There are a few non-negotiable manicure tools you need in your arsenal for even the most basic at-home nail kit. We recommend investing in a good pair of curved nail scissors, a cuticle pusher, and a strong nail clipper, along with a coarse, fine and very fine nail file.

What type of nail tools do NSI Nails sell?

At NSI Nails Australia, you’ll find a range of nail shaping tools to help you prep and prime your nails, along with all the tools you need to create even the most ornate nail art styles with ease. As well as cuticle cutters, tip cutters and tweezers, we have a range of mixing palettes, mini nail art brushes, dotting tools and stud piercing tools to help you nail that manicure, no matter how dramatic it may be.