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Gel Nail Brushes

  • Ombre Gel Brush with Cap - NSI Australia
    Ombre Gel Brush with Cap - NSI Australia
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    Ombre Gel Brush with Cap

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    Nail Art Brush with Rhinestone Crystal Handel with Cap. Nylon brush hair, multi-functional, suit for gradient colour and perfect for ombre designs.

Quality gel brushes for professional quality manicures

Long-lasting gel nail polish is easily applied just like traditional nail polish, but curing under UV light makes it exceptionally durable and strong with a beautiful high shine finish. Gel nail art brushes allow you to make the most of the staying power of gel polish by giving you plenty of control to create smooth layers and intricate nail art.

The tools you use to create nail art play a huge part in whether efforts will look professional or lacklustre. With the selection of individual gel nail brushes and gel brush sets from NSI Nails, you’re given the control and precision you need to master a range of looks for any occasion.

Create salon-perfect nail art with professional gel nail brushes

If you’re looking to create a nail kit from scratch or for a specific tool to recreate nail art you’ve seen online, NSI Nails has a range of professional gel brushes to fill out your collection.

Our multifunctional and easy-to-use gel brushes have comfortable grips to cushion your hand as you complete small and detailed work and help steady your hand as you create your masterpiece.

NSI stocks not just high-quality gel nail polish brushes but also everything you need to get started on your professional manicures at home. If you need more than just a gel brush, check out our range of gel nail kits, which contain everything you need to apply a perfect gel manicure.

From kits designed for soft press-on gel manicures to classic gel nail kits with every colour of the rainbow, there’s something that will suit anyone’s taste or preference.

Invest in premium nail art tools from NSI Nails

Whether you run your salon or love to create nail art in the comfort of your home, NSI Nails makes it easy to recreate your favourite manicure looks with a professional range of nail tools, essentials and accessories.

Shop our range of HEMA free products designed for safe use, and discover the trendy selection of cruelty-free and vegan nail products that you and your clients will love.


What kind of brush do you use for gel nails?

If you’re looking to create a fantastic gel manicure, our range of excellent nylon bristle brushes can’t be beaten. They’re specially formulated to gather gel well and come in various shapes and sizes to help you create gradients, washes of colour, precise line work and more.

Can you use nail brushes with gel polish?

Absolutely. All of the nail brushes in our gel brush sets have been designed for use with gel polish, making application and cleaning easy. From oval and square-shaped brushes that can quickly and cleanly paint the entire nail shape to fine line brushes that are great for nail art designs and line work, you’ll find it all in our collection.

If you’d like more information about finding the best gel nail brush for your needs, talk to our expert team today.

What brushes do nail techs use?

NSI Nails proudly supplies high-quality nail art tools and equipment that is professional salon quality, appropriate for in-salon nail techs, professionals working from a home studio and amateur nail artists who want to create adorable results. Our gel brushes are made to last for years with proper care, making them a worthwhile investment for anyone working professionally as a nail technician.

Can I clean my gel brush?

Not only can you clean your gel nail art brushes, but it is also imperative to do so if you want to maintain the integrity and smooth lines of your gel brushes. Never wash your professional gel brushes in water, acetone or soap — these materials will dry out the bristles of your brush and damage their ability to paint lines and designs smoothly.

Instead, use the NSI Nail Brush Conditioner & Cleaner to remove any product build-up, and then reshape the bristles as the brush dries to keep doing clean, precise work.

What is the difference between an acrylic brush and a gel brush?

While gel brushes for nails are made of nylon hairs, acrylic brushes are made of natural fibres and often have a different shape which more easily allows for beading and forming the acrylic nail using powder. If you’re looking for purpose-built acrylic nail brushes that suit the consistency and properties of that medium, check out our acrylic nail brush collection.