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Nail Polish Remover Products

  • Brush Mats 100pcs Pack - NSI Australia
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    Brush Mats 100pcs Pack

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    4 Ply White Pads with Plastic Barrier. Manufactured from highly absorbent material and with an effective moisture barrier.Dimensions: 100x150mm.

Shop the best acrylic and gel nail polish remover

Removing a manicure may not be as exciting or glamorous as doing a fresh manicure, but using a nail polish remover is vitally important to maintaining nail and cuticle health. This ensures the continued integrity of a client’s natural nails and prepping the nail bed for a long-lasting new manicure.

When it comes to cured gel polish or acrylic nails, using the proper material and tools to remove an old manicure will make all the difference in smoothly removing the product without damaging the natural nail.

At NSI Nails, we’ve developed a range of nail product removers for both polish and nail extensions, speeding up the removal process and safely removing previously applied products. Our acetone and non-acetone nail polish removers help nail techs easily get rid of an old manicure and better prep the nail for fresh polish or extensions to be applied.

All the nail remover products you need

Whether you’re a professional nail tech looking for the best nail polish remover for your clients or want to safely and effectively remove your manicures at home, our collection of nail polish removers is your solution. Our collection includes a range of professional-grade remover products, including:

  • Nail steamer removers
  • Nail files
  • Nail buffers
  • Acetone remover
  • Non-acetone remover
  • Nail baths
  • Gel polish remover
  • Soaking caps and foils
  • Remover pads
  • Scraper tools
  • Buffers
  • Nail cleansers

No matter which of our products you choose, you can rest assured that all NSI Nail products are tested for superior and safe performance.

NSI Nails — high-quality with best-value nail care

With decades of experience supplying both professional nail techs and at-home nail artists with nail art tools and nail care products, NSI Nails uses the latest technology to deliver results your clients will love. From tools for nail preparation to IBX nail treatments, dust collectors and essential nail accessories, our collection has the best value range of highly effective products to save you time and effort.

Shop our newest products and discover our online store's latest nail care innovations. Looking for a particular product or need a solution to a nail care problem? Our team is here to help. Just get in touch; our expert staff will help you with any enquiries.


Which is the best nail polish remover?

All types of nail polish and nail extensions require slightly different tools and techniques to remove them successfully. At NSI Nails, we have decades of experience in nail art and nail care, and we’ve developed the best nail polish removers to suit any style of nail polish or extension, making removal easy and not compromising the integrity of the nail underneath.

'Is it better to peel nail polish or use remover?

It may be tempting (and even satisfying) to peel at an old manicure, but the reality is that it spells absolute disaster for the strength and health of your nails. It may feel like peeling nail polish off is a better way to get your nails clean, but peeling can take the top layer of your natural nail with it, weakening the nail bed and causing splitting and breakage in your nails.

A nail polish remover kit will contain a solvent that dissolves the bond between the glue or polish and your natural nail, allowing it to be gently removed. It also includes buffers and files that can smooth and prep your nails for either natural wear or a new manicure.

Does nail polish remover damage your nails?

While some nail polish removers contain strong chemicals such as acetone, the fact is that any potential damage from these chemicals is much less when compared to the damage from picking at or trying to mechanically remove a manicure without the appropriate tools and nail polish solvents.

Especially when used according to the directions, a nail polish remover should not dramatically damage nails. Products like nourishing cuticle oils and buffers can also help keep nails strong and healthy after removal.

What is a nail dipping removal kit?

A dipping removal kit allows you to speed up the process of removing acrylic nails, gel nails or gel polish, and it works most efficiently. A nail dipping removal kit usually contains a nail bath, a nail polish solvent like 100% pure acetone and a nail filing and maintenance tool kit.

When using one of these kits, the first step is to file the top coat on your nails. This allows the acetone to penetrate the remaining layers better. Add warm water to the nail bath bowl, and in the clear upper bowl component, place 100% pure acetone — this helps keep the temperature of the soaking solution slightly warmer than the air temperature, speeding up the removal process.

After soaking, use a cotton pad to remove the polish before filing, buffing and performing cuticle care on the natural nail.