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Practice Hand & Fingers

Nail Trainer Practice Hand & Finger

Are you tired of waiting for a friend to lend a hand so you can practice your nail art application? Buy professional nail practice hands and fingers and start perfecting your craft from the comfort of your own space.

NSI Nails is home to Australia’s most extensive range of nail supplies. Take your nail game to the next level with our collection of silicone practice hands and fingers — designed especially for nail enthusiasts looking to perfect the sculpting techniques on life-like hands and fingertips.

Learn and grow as a nail artist with practice hands and fingers

Using nail trainer practice hands is the best solution for finding a perfect set of fingers and nail tips to develop your techniques. These silicone model hands are straightforward to clean and can be reused countless times. Once you have painted nail trainer practice hands, click a picture of your amazing creation, wipe it off with nail polish remover and start practising again.

Shop the best nail practice hands and fingers at NSI Nails online

Browse our range and get the latest nail practice hands and fingers at NSI Nails today. Explore the world of nail art with our expansive range of acrylic nails, gels, manicure accessories, and so much more. Contact our team to learn more if you have any questions or would love some nail art tips and tricks.  


How do you use nail practice fingers for acrylic nails?

Nail practice fingers are the perfect way to level up your skills with a client who has infinite patience. Using nail trainer practice hands is a great way to develop your skills with acrylic nails. Simply tuck a nail tip in the cuticle area of the practice finger and try your acrylic techniques on the nail directly. 

How can I practice nail art at home?

Practice makes perfect. Upgrade your skills with practice hands and fingers to elevate your application techniques. Practising on nail practice hands is a great way to learn the art of painting nails like a professional from the comfort of your own home. Apply acrylic nails to these practice hands and fingers and get started — it’s that easy! 

Are nail practice fingers reusable?

Yes, nail practice fingers are reusable and convenient to use. You can simply remove the acrylic nails and wash the practice hands and fingers with warm water to clean them before trying again. You can also use sticky tape to remove glitter and dust from your nail practice fingers. 

What type of nail practice fingers does NSI Nails offer?

For more than 50 years, NSI Nails has been providing Australian nail lovers and professional technicians with advanced nail products and systems. We offer a wide range of practice hands and fingers for acrylic nails — nail practice fingers to sculpting, nail practice fingers for sculpting, silicone nail practice hands, and natural nail tips. Take your pick and start practising.