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Acrylic Nail Liquids

NSI Nails Australia has a huge range of products to give you all the tools you need to create flawless acrylic manicures — from primers to low odour and odourless acrylic liquids. Designed for both at-home and professional salon use, NSI Nails acrylic nail liquid selection is the best place to source reliable products for creating gorgeous acrylic nails.

Create perfectly shaped nails with acrylic nail liquid

Whether you want to create a dramatic coffin shape, an elegant almond or a sleek stiletto tip, acrylic liquid allows you to build up a thin and flexible profile, creating a natural enhancement of the nail bed that lets designs shine. Acrylic nails create a strong and durable finish that can be filed and painted just like real nails, making them an excellent choice for versatility. Because liquid acrylic allows for infills, you can take your time creating the perfect shape and then maintain your hard work for longer before a full removal and reapplication is needed.

Shop the best acrylic liquid from NSI Australia

NSI Australia offer a superior acrylic liquid for nails, which evaporates slowly to give you a lower odour product and a more pleasant experience, whether you’re in a salon or your own home. Our unique formula acrylic liquids won’t yellow or discolour over time, giving you longer-lasting colour clarity. NSI Australia’s acrylic liquids draw powder up easily onto your brush, making bead pickup easier and allowing for beautiful smooth application, every single time.

If you find some acrylic liquid products give you a headache, try our odourless nail liquid. The non-yellowing formula never crystallises, and the aroma-free formula makes a great addition in salons and at home.

NSI Nails — the trusted experts in nail systems

At NSI Nails Australia, we’re passionate about gorgeous nails. If you’re training to become a nail technician, run a salon or just love to create nail art in your own home, NSI has an excellent range of products and tools to allow you to create the fabulous nails of your dreams.

Have questions about using our acrylic liquid for nails? Get in touch with our expert team for detailed instructions and product recommendations today.


What are acrylic liquids, and how do they work?

Liquid or fluid acrylic nails are created by combining a liquid component, known as acrylic monomer, with polymer powder to sculpt nails straight onto the natural nail bed and tip extension. Working in segments, you can slowly build up the perfect nail shape and desired length, which can be buffed and filed down to perfection. Finish with a top coat, and you’re ready to go!

Why should I shop for acrylic liquids with NSI Nails Australia?

NSI Australia specialise in providing the best tools for the nail trade at wholesale prices. Our in-house chemists and professionals work to create superior quality nail industry products that are satisfaction guaranteed. As the exclusive Australian importer and stockist of NSI products, you won’t find a better range of nail supplies than in our online store.