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Gel Nail System

  • UV Nail Lamp 80W - NSI Australia
    UV Nail Lamp 80W - NSI Australia
    Save 30%

    LED/UV Nail Lamp 80W

    Original Price $120.00
    Current Price $83.95

    The SUNUV X5Plus UV/LED Nail Lamp with 36 Leds For  80 watts. Made with the latest technology for curing LED and UV products.36 LED lights evenly s...

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  • Matte Top Coat - NSI Australia
    Save 30%

    Matte Top Coat

    Original Price $30.00
    Current Price $20.95

    Tack-Free Top Coat - MATTE MATTE Topcoat is an ultra silky, tack-free topcoat that cures in 60 seconds in LED. This top coat leaves the nails with ...

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  • Dehydrator - NSI Australia
    Save 20%


    Original Price $21.50
    Current Price $17.20

    Nail Dehydrator is brushed directly on the natural nail plate to clean and dehydrate the surface of nails. Apply this after having buffed and shape...

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  • Press On Tips Gel - NSI Australia
    Save 20%

    Press On Tips Gel

    Original Price $25.00
    Current Price $19.95

    Press On Tips Gel is perfect to be used with the Soft Gel Press on Tips. This special Soft Gel Tip Adhesive Gel is a balanced thick viscosity gel p...

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  • PolyGel Kit - NSI Australia
    PolyGel Kit - NSI Australia
    Save 30%

    PolyGel Kit

    Original Price $142.00
    Current Price $99.95

    PolyGel Kit with PolyExtend Nail Forms so amazing! A great nail kit including everything you need! PolyGel can be used for doing great nail extensi...

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High shine, flexible and easy to apply, gel nails are a great option for your own nails and an invaluable part of a nail artist's tool bag. When it comes to sourcing the highest quality gel nail polish, tools and accessories, you won’t find a better selection than NSI Nails.

Shop a vast array of gel polish colours, gel polishes, holographic gel polish, spider gels, solid gels and soft gel press-ons to suit any style.

Everything you’ll need to apply gel nails at home

Getting that salon-quality finish on your manicure is easy with NSI Nail’s range of gel nail accessories and tools. If you’re just starting out as a nail artist, our kit for gel nails with a UV lamp is perfect. Our gel nail kits contain everything you’ll need to do natural nail overlays, tips or sculpt nail extensions on a form.If you want the extra length of nail extensions without the time and the hassle, why not try our soft gel press-on kit? This innovative gel nail kit makes applying and enjoying your gel nail extensions easy with minimum fuss.Simply select your preferred tip shape, prep the nails, apply primer and then adhere and cure your press-on nails. Once buffing and cleaning the surface, your new manicure is ready for nail art or a trendy shade.

NSI Nails – professional results no matter who you are

For salon professionals, at-home manicurists and passionate at-home nail art amateurs, NSI Nails makes it easy to create beautiful nails that last. We use HEMA-free formulas to ensure safety without sacrificing anything in terms of quality.Our online store has everything you need — from nail preparation equipment to gel nails accessories and more. Shop the entire collection of gels today, or check out our newest arrivals in store!Need help finding the right product, or not sure how to get the dream nails you’ve always wanted? No problem! Chat with our team of experts and we’ll help with anything you need.


Are gel nails better than acrylics?

Gel and acrylic nails have unique strengths and weaknesses, and deciding which one is right for you depends on a few factors.

Acrylic nails are created by building up a polymer powder and monomer liquid over your natural nail and a synthetic nail tip. The result is a hard, very strong nail extension that will be durable and well-suited to creating long and dramatic shapes. If you love a stiletto or coffin nail that extends far beyond your natural nail length, acrylics might be the winner.

Gel nails, by comparison, can be applied over your natural nail or built out with a synthetic nail tip. When cured under LED light, the result is a more flexible shape better suited for daily use. Some users find that the inflexibility of acrylics can place stress on their cuticles and nail beds — something which is avoided with gel manicures.

Do gel nails damage your nails?

Gel nails are definitely less damaging to your natural nails than acrylics, which require the natural nail surface to be buffed and roughed up for the acrylic to adhere. Gel nails are shiny and strong, and as long as they are properly removed (no picking, please!), they shouldn’t damage your natural nails and in fact help protect them from any hard bumps and scrapes during our daily life work and activities.

How long do gel nails usually last?

Thanks to the flexibility of gel nails, they offer some of the longest-lasting manicures. With proper care and high-quality gel nail polish, a gel manicure should last up to 4 weeks. A properly cured top coat will definitely prolong the life of your gel nails.

How are gel nails removed?

Gel nails are removed by soaking in nail polish remover and then gently coaxed off once softened. Using a soaking remover solution is essential to safely break the bond between the gel nail polish and the nail itself and protect the integrity of the nail.

What tools are required for gel nails?

There are some essential gel nail tools you will need to create a manicure at home. The two most essential pieces for your kit are high-quality gel polishes and a UV lamp to cure the polish with. A nail primer, base coat and top coat will also help to better preserve the life of your nails.

If you want to create nail extensions, you’ll also need the following:

  • PolyGel kit which contains nail forms
  • PolyGel to build out the length and shape of your new nail
  • Spatula tool and dual brush and slip solution for easy application