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Gem Gel Nail Art Secured


This Gem Gel is the ideal gel adhesive to secure, encase and encapsulate all your nail art decoration pieces. Great for Nail Art and all artistic crafty project needs.

Keep your diamonties, stones, nail jewellery, and all raised nail art pieces well secured and encased into this gel. Press the nail art pieces and decorations into the gel or encapsulate encase them if you prefer and cure into a nail lamp. Your pieces will be secured and will hold and wear so much better and longer than a normal air drying glue.

Medium to thin viscosity. Clear Curable formula Gel. Great Nail Artist GEM GLUE GEL for nail art. Also very versatile usage for lots of crafty projects eg. Fabrics & Costumes, jewellery, beads, porcelain repairs, home decoration items and a variety of other craft projects.

Made into Brush-on Bottle, Tube and Jar for a multitude of use and to satisfy all your nail and artistic craft needs.

EASY TO USE: Use the Secure Gem Gel for securing your nail art pieces that are raised, for a longer lasting adhesion, eg. big raised pieces : stones, pearls etc.. or little as bullion that you want to secure from underneath. Apply your Gem Gel, and place your nail art pieces as you want onto the nails and then cure the lot into a Nail Lamp for 1mn.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Ahlia E.

I love this gem glue, it works amazing and is so easy to use

Sabine W.
Works like a charm

The think brush works great & easy to use. No mess which is awesome

Matia G.
Perfect hold

This glue works amazingly. I love how it can be very versatile in terms of usage, and holds all my gems perfectly!

ella m.

i love this glue! works so good will definitely buy again in the future

ann-marie L.

Works a dream and love how it has the little applicator nozzle