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Gel Nail Extensions - Pre Buffed Tips

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NSI Australia Pre Buffed Gel Nail Extensions for doing Soft Gel Press On Tips.

Already Pre Buffed and with a Thinner Cuticle contact area for a perfect, clean and consistent application every time.

Quality Shaped & Designed Tips for the ideal fit and feel every time.

Full 12 Sizes to fit any size of nail, from big to small meaning minimal filing and tailoring needed to save time.

2 Sized Option Trays including quantities of either 300 Tips or 600 Tips.

5 Different Shapes with 12 Lengths Available to suit all desired needs of looks and lengths.

The Benefits:

Our Gel Extension Nail Tips are formulated with a reinforced structure, giving you the ultimate in full cover tip applications. They are pre etched and buffed underneath at the contact area for stronger adhesion. They also provide a slimmer cuticle edge making application and use much easier, giving you nail tips that can take as little as 20 to 30 minutes for a full 3 to 4 weeks of wear.

Pre Buffed Gel Nail Extension Shapes include:

  • Extra Short Almond Tips: 12 Sizes from 0 to 11
  • Short Almond Tips: 12 Sizes from 0 to 11
  • Medium Almond Tips: 12 Sizes from 0 to 11
  • Short Coffin Tips: 12 Sizes from 0 to 11
  • Medium Coffin Tips: 12 Sizes from 0 to 11
  • Long Coffin Tips: 12 Sizes from 0 to 11
  • Short Square Tips: 12 Sizes from 0 to 11
  • Medium Square Tips: 12 Sizes from 0 to 11
  • Short Stiletto Tips: 12 Sizes from 0 to 11
  • Medium Stiletto Tips: 12 Sizes from 0 to 11
  • Long Stiletto Tips: 12 Sizes from 0 to 11
  • Large Short Almond Tips: 18 Sizes from 0 to 17

How To Apply Pre Buffed Gel Extension Nail Tips:

Simply size your Gel Extension tips ensuring a close fit side to side completely covering the nail grooves. Contour the contact area to mirror the cuticle shape while applying medium pressure over the nail for a nice actual fit. Size all the Gel Extension nail tips correctly before beginning application.

Prepare nails like normal and apply one coat of the Dehydrator Bottle to all natural nail plates. Proceed to applying one coat of Primer Bottle also on the nail plates as well as to the underside of all 10 tips. Now continue with your Gel Extension applications as normal.

Need the complete Soft Gel Press On Nail Kit?

Use these tips together with the Soft Gel Press On Kit that includes the complete system to best hold and adhere these gel extension tips on. It's the perfect and easiest nail extensions system holding 3 to 4 weeks plus! Get the Kit if you don't have it yet!

Step by Step: How To Use Soft Gel Tips

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Full Gel Tips

Just love using my full tips its a great hobby doing my own nails

Julie B.
Soft Gel Tips

I love these full tips, plenty of sizes and the fit is great.
Super fast postage as well . Love NSI products

Linda F.
Soft Gel Tips

Love the extra short length of these gel tips. They are the perfect length for me. Great service & fast delivery on all orders.

Gel extensions

Haven't tried as yet but product looks good

Nijole B.
Gel Nail Extensions.

So easy to use.
Very happy with them.