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Soft Gel Press On Nail Kit - HEMA Free

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The Best Gel Extensions Nail Kit and the easiest way to have perfect nail extensions at your fingertips!

This New HEMA Free Soft Gel Press On Nail Kit is perfect for creating easy nail extensions with strong long lasting results. It includes everything you need, plus you'll need a Nail Lamp that cures Gels and or Gel Polishes.

The Kit includes our Soft Gel Press On Tips which are already shaped and ready to use as well as the 4 Gel Bottle System in a HEMA Free formula to get perfect long nail extensions that last 3-4 weeks without lifting or chipping.

This new innovative Nail Kit makes it easy to do nail extensions. This system provides a lightweight, easy-to-apply, time-saving alternative compared to traditional nail enhancements. No smell, easy to apply and taking very little time compared to previous nail systems. Designed to last up to 3-4 weeks without any lifting or chipping! The Soft Gel Press On Nail system can be easily removed without damage, so you can switch up your manicure as often as you like! An amazing nail extension and manicure has never been so good and easy to do.

Soft Gel Press On Nail Kit - HEMA Free Includes:
1x Dehydrator 15ml
1 x Primer 15ml
1x Press on Tips Gel - HEMA Free 15ml
1x Diamond Top Coat - HEMA Free 15ml
1x Soft Gel Press On Tips Clear Tray 300pcs

Have the Kit and Just need the Soft Gel Press On Nail Tips:

Our Soft Gel Press On Tips are formulated with a reinforced structure, giving you the ultimate in full cover tip applications. Ease of application and ease of wear combine to give you an application that can take as little as 20-30 minutes for a full 3-4 weeks of wear.

Pre Shaped Styles include:

  • Oval Short Clear Tips
  • Oval Medium Clear Tips
  • Almond Short Clear Tips
  • Almond Medium Clear Tips
  • Coffin Short Clear Tips
  • Coffin Medium Clear Tips
  • Coffin Long Clear Tips
  • Square Short Clear Tips
  • Square Medium Clear Tips
  • Square Long Clear Tips
  • Stiletto Short Clear Tips
  • Stiletto Medium Clear Tips
  • Stiletto Long Clear Tips

Step by Step: How To Use Soft Gel Tips

Step by Step: How To REFILL & REMOVAL

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Perfect Starter Kit

Couldn't be happier with my purchase!

Michelle S.

Beautiful boxed packaging, gel nails fit straight on, l purchased short square nail set. Will be buying more from nsi Australia.

Kelly M.
Great Starter Kit

The products are easy to use and it’s an ease of mind that it’s HEMA free. Great value for what you get and you get everything you need when starting on the gel journey!

My only drawback is the soft gel tips are still pretty hard/not flexible so if you have nails that curve downwards, it won’t fit. Unfortunately my pointer fingers curve downwards so I’ll need to get different tips for those, but the rest fit really well!

Sheree B.
Very happy

First time using the soft gel kit and I love it. So easy to use and I love the finishing top coat, beautiful.

Soft Gel Tips Kit! ❤️

So easy to use! My new favourite go to 💅