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Acrylic Gel Dipping SAMPLER KIT Simplicité

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This system keeps nails strong and healthy. Applies like Polish.

Kit Contents:

Prep 15 ml(Dehydrator), Bond 15 ml(Primer), PolyBase 15 ml(Base Coat) and FlexiGloss 15 ml(Top Coat) and 1x Acrylic Pink Powder 40g.

LED/UV Curable system. No Odour! The durability of Gel, the strength of Acrylic. Applies like Polish.
We called it Simplicité because it’s simple to use and simple to Rebalance / Refill.
The Simplicité PolyDip System is curable into a nail lamp = stronger nails faster.
This system keeps nails strong and healthy. Perfect on natural nails as an overlay, and ideal over tips/extensions with a very lightweight and a great flexible feel.
The perfect addition to Spas and Salons as this system has NO ODOUR and is drying faster. And It’s so simple! It’s Simplicité!

Completely Odorless System
A Versatile Dipping system that can be used for tips / extensions and overlays on natural nails
Perfect Permanent polished nails look
Optional Rebalance / Refill – You don’t have to soak off the product every time and/or between applications.

How to use our PolyDip kit - Step by Step

How to Rebalance - Step by Step

Simplicité PolyDip System - Polybase Opaque/Clear - HOW TO USE INSTRUCTIONS

Simplicité PolyDip System - Easy to use Instructions

WHY Simplicité PolyDip System - FAQ

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Sharon B.
Starter pack: Acrylic Dipping system

Easy to use. It will take so.e practice to build up the centre so it is strong enough to hold tips on.

Customer service is great.
Very fast processing time. Thank you

John R.
Absolutely love this dip system, purchasing this is the best

I have found my Newest favourite nail products. The NSI SIMPLICITÉ DIPPING SYSTEM lives up 2its name!!🥳👌💅 It is simple 2use & it's lightweight. It's the perfect thing for a beginner nail tech starting out & wanting 2make $ it's the way 2go. I am a dip system person I went 2 the SNS ACADEMY & I was OBSESSED WITH SNS DIP POWDER SYSTEM BUT I am now feeling like this is my new nail system. As the lady says on the UK Nsi you tube channel, it's new tech meeting with old technology. Thank you NSI for you Simplicité system!!! You have a extremely happy customer I have even ordered 2extra bottles of polydip in clear & also the opaque base coat.

Tayla B.

Absolutely love this product

Jolene C.
Wow! Just wow!

I’ve always had acrylics but didn’t like the chemicals. NSI had awesome tutorials & information on their website so I was so excited to try this dip system. Absolutely fantastic! So easy to use, great quality & super fast delivery, no animal testing & wonderful results (even using my left hand) 😂

Shannon R.

Love it 💜 have used others, but this one is so easy to use 😊