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Liner Art Gel Collection Kit

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Liner gel collections with 6 or 12 beautiful liner gel colours to create fantastic nail art designs.

6 or 12 colours in each kit.
LED and UV curable into a nail lamp.
Very easy to use on top of acrylic and gel enhancements.
Formulated with perfect and high quailty colour pigments.

59 Liner Art Gel Individual Colours

Keep away from heat. UV Curable, keep out of direct light.

Colour / Image / Description Disclaimer

How to use Step-by-Step

Apply a thin coat of gel polish for your background and cure 30s in a LED lamp / 60s in a UV lamp. Remove the sticky layer with Cleanse. Wipe off the liner brush on the bottle neck to take excess or gel out. Create your design by using the liner gel brush and use a thin detailing nail art brush for even more precision on your designs. Cure into the lamp, 30s for LED and 60s for UV. Apply a Gel Topcoat and cure for 60s LED and 2mn in a UV lamp. Enjoy your newly painted, hand designed beautiful nails💅🏻

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Deb M.

Just beautiful 😍

Danielle H.
Glitter liner art

Love it!!!

@ p.
NSI Gel Art Liners

The colour selection is fantastic, I just love that the kits have spare brushes in them as well. The colours are bright, flow beautifully with their own brush or your own. Just live the lines for all my nail art creations.

Georgia K.

They're quite thick and when putting the brush back in it spits out some product but you just need to slowly put the brush back in.

Ski H.
Liner art gels

I’m new to the nail tech game, these are my first gel liners! I noticed there’s more product in these little bottles compared to other brands, very Pigmented colours and the order comes with extra liner brushes! I just wish the collection I did pick had a “dark blue” and “light purple” option to continue the alternating throughout the collection but that’s fine! I just quickly found two to chuck into my order. Big yay!!!