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Nail Art Stickers Decals

Tired of getting the same old manicure again and again? Give your nails an instant lift and create impressive, dramatic designs with nail art stickers. With the collection of nail art stickers from NSI Nails, creating consistent and detailed nail art becomes easy. Discover the biggest and best selection of nail decals, vinyl stickers and nail art stencils in Australia.

Why nail transfers are so popular and versatile

Increasingly, nail decals are becoming the go-to choice for both in-home and salon manicures. Easy to apply and available in a range of stylish designs and colours, nail stickers make it easy to create beautiful manicure art in just a fraction of the time. All of our nail transfers are designed specifically for professional use in nail salons and at-home spas, adapting to the natural curvature of the nail bed to sit smoothly and flawlessly when applied. You’ll love the high quality and consistent results you get using our nail art stickers in Australia.

A range of designs to create endless looks

With the NSI Nails Australia selection, you can choose from a multitude of designs. Our range includes geometric patterns, characters, floral motifs, holographic flame decals, Christmas and holiday-themed designs, butterfly and nature-inspired stickers, and so much more. Our self-adhesive styles make application incredibly easy and cut down on curing time for a full manicure. Love to express yourself with your nails? Build up different stencils and stickers to create totally unique looks and take your nail art to the next level.

Shop NSI Nails for quality nail stickers in Australia

With years of experience and a dedicated team of in-house chemists and professionals, NSI Nails Australia is your go-to destination for nail industry products and expert advice. Whether you want to step up the quality of your at-home manicures or are looking to stock your own salon with quality products, our team is here to help you in choosing the right tools to create the wearable nail art of your dreams. For even more professional guidance and tutorials, check out our in-depth videos and blog.


How do you apply nail art stickers?

Applying nail transfers couldn’t be easier with our simple sticker packs. To begin, simply prep and prepare nails as you would normally, buffing and filing to the desired shape. Apply your chosen colour of polish and let the polish fully dry or cure. Then, add stickers onto dry polish, using tweezers for accuracy. Nail stickers can be easily trimmed to fit any shape of nail for a flawless result. Finish with a top coat and enjoy!

Do nail stickers ruin your nails?

Nope! Because nail art stickers are non-toxic and easily removed with nail polish remover or acetone, they don’t pose any risk to natural nails. Applying nail decals on top of polish creates a barrier between the sticker and real or artificial nails, removing any risk of damage. The quick and easy application also makes them a great option for younger clients and anyone experimenting with their usual manicure.