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Nail Steamer Remover

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This Nail Steamer is excellent for removing all nail products such as Acrylics, Gels, Gel Polish, manicures, Nail Dipping nails, Polygel nails and the list goes on!

Based on the simple traditional Soaking Off method, this new and improved Nail Steamer Remover heats and warms up your Pure Acetone solution speeding up your Soaking Off processes and providing better results.

It works by generating and keeping heat at a great constant temperature while trapping moisture and steam within the Nail Steamer. This combination aids massively by helping the Pure Acetone achieve its optimal performance temperature and removing the products that are on your nails.

This well known fact of Heat and Warmth activating Solvents like Pure Acetone to perform and do their Job much more efficiently is what the Nail Steamer Remover is based on and does amazing at.

A great addition and upgrade from the old previous way of just soaking off your nails in a cold bowl of Pure Acetone waiting forever.

Instructions Included:

We provide a full instruction manual with the Nail Steamer as well as a step by step guide on the process of exactly how to use and get the best results when completing your Soak Off nail pampering time.

Click Here is a link on the Nail Steamer Brochure Step by Step Guide:

Short Instructions:

1. Place the Nail Steamer machine on a hard, level and flat surface.

2. Turn the Black Lid anticlockwise and lift it off to reveal the clear plastic bowls inside. (1 is a spare leave it to the side)

3. Pour Approx. 8ml of Pure Acetone into the clear plastic bowl / container. (this amount of liquid will be sufficient for both hands)

4. Close the Black Lid back into its original and correct position.

5. Turn the Nail Steamer On and Wait approximately 30 seconds for the Beep and the S for Start symbol to turn Green.

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Liza B.
Nail Steamer Remover

Very happy with the product which is extremely easy to use. I was hesitant about whether this would work but I’m very impressed. So much better than soaking or wrapping cotton wool immersed in acetone around the nail.

Kaz D.
Great product, easy to use!

Very happy with my purchase. Instructions are easy to follow and it actually works. Some nails take a bit longer, specially if they have glitter but overall a really great product.

Samantha T.

I waa sceptical but really works and much nicer than soaking

Christine P.
Love It !

I use gel polish on my own nails. Removing it is not easy having to wrap each nail with acetone and have the foil constantly move. It takes ages to remove. So I bought the Nail Steamer Remover and it works a treat. It’s very easy to use and most gel polish comes off in 10 minutes. I’m very happy with my purchase. Delivery was fast as well.

Tori P.

I was not sure before buying this product, but it is fantastic! The easiest way I’ve ever had gel polish taken. off! And I can do it myself at home. Love this!