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Easy Nail Art Ideas ~ Foils With Adhesive Glue

Go with easy nail art ~ FOILS WITH ADHESIVE GLUE, so many designs and options for different effects everytime!

Here are some easy steps and some ideas using the FOILS with the Adhesive Glue.

* Start with clear / coloured / ombré base of gel polish, acrylic, dip nails etc…

* Paint 1 THIN layer of foil glue evenly over entire nail surface for full coverage or in the area you want the design for part coverage. The Adhesive Glue is WHITE.

* LET GLUE DRY (as shown in pic if there’s still some white patches it ISN’T dry ~ it needs to be totally clear).

* Choose foil designs ~ BOX Transfer Foils ~10 ROLLS
or Roll ~ Transfer Foil ~ for short nails, cut a small section off - for very long you can work on the original piece without cutting to avoid missing any patches or having to cut extra bits.

*💡If you are in a rush you can use a hair dryer to dry the glue quicker (make sure you check the heat of the dryer for your client first) or you can use some source of heat eg. in your nail lamp for a short while.

* Apply the foil over the nail and push down - RUB the foil over the glue firmly (you can use a tool if you have (eg. a Nail Art Pen 2 Way Silicone - it's a nail art pen with Silicone on 1 side or or a dual stone picker with Rubber/Silicone as shown in picture) to rub over the design.

* Ensure there are no creases.

* You will see the backing paper leave a gap around the edge of the nail where it has stuck as shown in photo. Don’t lift the design film as yet as it might not be fully taken by the glue yet, wait a bit longer while checking and rubbing again over the area if needed. Be patient.

* Gently peel the backing paper up to reveal the design. If your design needs some touch-up, you can do so by pressing the paper foil on the nail again. Some nail artists are doing some touches with gel polishes or paints or adding a combination of glitters, or other nail art mediums on the nails to embellish the original foil designs.

* Apply a topcoat of your choice depending on the base you are working on ; why not even try our Glaze’N Go or Frozen Matte Gel Topcoat for a different effect.

* Finish with Nurture Oil or Dadi' Oil .

💡Tech Idea 💡Some foils have a clear backing with flowers and other designs ~ You can experiment applying 1 roll of foil over different colours of backgrounds to change the total effect and embellish your designs with glitters, diamonties, gel polishes, stones etc…

Enjoy playing with your nail Foil designs!🤩




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