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Nail Forms & Fitting Techniques

Nail Forms & Fitting Techniques

An important part to sculpting with a nail form is to ensure a proper fit.

The strength of a sculpted nail is only as strong as the fit of the form.

Before applying the form to your finger or your client's finger, try rolling your C-Curve into place. Approach the nail with your curved form and place it under the free edge of the nail. Place the bottom tabs together in the front and back evenly and then squeeze the bottom tabs tight. Squeeze the top of the nail form along your finger or client's finger, this will help you create a very tight fit.

A fitted form should look like the images below.


Some of the things to look for and check:

* Is the form straight?

* Is it tight to eliminate seepage?

* Are you happy with your C-Curve?



Perfect for users that need a versatile nail form. These forms are great forms for sculpting all nail shapes.

For gels: Apply a thin clear gel base layer under your enhancements, to ensure a complete cure. Our Platinum Nail Forms work beautifully with gels as long as you have a thin clear gel base layer under your enhancement, the gel will cure in the light.

Perfect for Salon length nail enhancements.

The colored grid is easy to see when working product. Easy to follow numbered grid for consistency and a great teaching tool.

A versatile Nail Form ~ easily sculpt any shapes. This form can also be used with acrylics or gels, great for users of all levels.



These forms are ideal for sculpting alternative nail shapes.

Allows you to sculpt longer enhancements without doubling up forms.

You can even use these forms for sculpting with gels.

Scissor indication for cutting the form at less extreme nail length.

Easy to follow numbered grid for consistency and a great teaching tool.

Different sculpting grids for multiple nail shapes.

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