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Fast & easy strong nails with Simplicité ~ Odorless & Curable  ~ Dip, Pour or Sprinkle💅🏻

Fast & Easy Strong Nails With Simplicité ~ Odorless & Curable ~ Dip, Pour Or Sprinkle💅🏻

Simplicité is an odorless and curable simple and quick system to use on natural nails and nail extensions. It's applied like a gel polish and cures into a nail lamp (36w minimum).

The system keeps nails strong and healthy, light weight, no odour, no glue, not much filling,
making the maintenance, rebalance & refill, repairs and even changing colours more often so quick and so easy!
It’s the perfect addition for nail lovers and nail addicts as it’s also adding strength to those hard working hands.
Also, great service menu addition for Salons and Spas that are looking to add an easy to use odourless service
that is quick and cutting the traditional salon service time in half!

Perfect DIY system to keep beautiful and strong nails forever on those trips away on holidays.

It’s simple ! It’s Simplicité!


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nail accessories


nail accessories




💅🏻 NSI Simplicité Dipping System is fully ODORLESS.
It’s a GEL that is curable into a nail lamp, therefore it is STRONGER
and healthier than other systems (eg. SNS and others). SNS is glue-based and therefore the glue smells and burn the eyes while also taking more time to dry!
* Simplicité Dipping System is NOT a glue-based system!
* Simplicité Polybase works perfectly with any other acrylic powder.
* We recommend the Sprinkling method more than the dipping method,
=> this way you are getting the best results without any imperfection on the layers
=> it’s more hygienic
=> cleaner and healthier!
* Watch the powder being all and well absorbed by the Polybase Gel before you are curing the nails into the lamp.
* Very even and smooth layers on the nails, without any wave nor any build up of product at the cuticle area, there is no imperfection at all!
* Easy application, easy maintenance.
* Minimum filing at finishing.
* Re-balance and Refill is easy in 2 weeks or whenever you feel like changing the colours😜.
* No need to soak off the nails every time! Just Refill and Re-balance.
* Great protection for the regrowth of natural nails, fantastic to embellish the natural nails too.
Yes! You can add some extension tips too using this strong acrylic system.💅🏻

WATCH our Videos in Acrylics and the ones also on our NSI Australia YouTube Channel.

Brochures for users in kits.

Read our STEP-BY-STEP online.


Nail Dipping System


💅🏻 CONVERSATION IN THE SHOWROOM ~ Sarah's visited our Showroom and came back for a quick free demo the other day. Sarah's asking Me (Melina):

"What is Simplicité? How easy is it to work with and how is it stronger? I've heard about it and I know it's many questions..., but I don't like using SNS for my clients anymore, I'm sick with the smell of the glue and my clients too!"

Me:  "Simplicité is an odorless dipping system that is stronger and more durable than other dipping systems on the market, cause it's curable and refillable. No need to soak off the nails every time! This is a gel in a bottle that you use as a gel polish onto the nails. It's not a glue system like SNS. Their glue smells bad and hurts the eyes of the clients you said it that's correct! NSI understood this and came later with a completely different product: curable & more durable and drying into a lamp for 30s, done! Think about that too... Any type of Glue will be disintegrating slowly in water with time and of course this will make the nails more fragile in a shorter time. This is why nails done with SNS cannot be refilled. SNS has to be soak-off every time!

We have called our system Simplicité because it's simple as 1,2,3 & 4 to use, simple to Refill and Rebalance, easy for Repairs and easy to Remove.

It's a very easy to do strong nails with little amount of products:

- as an overlay on natural nails

- and easy and fast to use on extension tips as well."

Sarah : "How quick is it to use?"

Me:  "It's fast, yes! Look ~ it's applied like a gel in a bottle and then it's a fast dry cure into a nail lamp for 30s. How's that? No waiting time for the SNS glue to dry hey!  No more of that glue smell! Definitely faster than other dipping systems, it's because NSI PolyDip is a curable LED/UV gel-based system and Polybase is the bottle with the Pink sticker it's #3. The Simplicité system keeps nails stronger and healthier as again Simplicité is not glue-based like other systems. No drying time lost. No glue!

It's also very light weight. Great for fingers and toes. Superior longevity of wear as it is curable.

Add this too: it's an odorless system. Great for natural nails, and overlays. So quick for extensions tips, repairs, and easy fast maintenance of the nails, adding to them strength & always a very elegant look to those hard working hands.

It's the perfect DIY system for the easy and fast maintenance of perfect nails on those trips away on holidays too. The mobile nail techs are also going faster to service more clients per day with this system, it's so practical, easy and fast.

And don't forget that it's the top pampering added service for spa salons, easy, fast and odorless. It's the perfect addition to salons and spas that are looking to add an easy to use odorless service that is quick to do and cutting traditional salon service time in HALF and also providing elegant nails and sublime neat results instantly. For the client, this is it : the perfect manicure and pedicure!"💅🏻

Nail DIY system


💅🏻 QUICK STORY of my day into "Lovely You Salon"  the other day for a demonstration. I was demonstrating the Simplicité system with Salon Owner Shirley who wanted to swap brand as she wasn't coping well using SNS for many reasons. She shared with me what she'd been busy writing during my demonstration and these were her points for her own records, and yes she was spot on to Why Simplicité? Here is what she' written.

✅ With Simplicité I can work all 5 fingers at the same time ~ no risk of product drying too fast. When I was before using the SNS glue-based system, it only allowed me to work on 1 finger at a time as the glue was drying too fast before I get time to use my powder!

✅ I can now easily maintain the nails and the enhancements nails too with regular infills. With SNS, it was a must to soak everything off and redo the nails fully every time.

✅ I can also now check the full absorption of the powder for an even fuller coverage with Simplicité. When I was trying with SNS, my powders were only sticking to the very top layer with the glue, I couldn't see any absorption of the powder, the glue was already drying before my eyes, I had no time to re-adjust with more powder where I needed to.

✅ The feeling of wearing a light gel polish is amazing with Simplicité, you don't have the feel of tightness on the nails! I think the SNS glue was causing also a lot of shrinkage and my clients were feeling this pull back shrinkage as the glue was drying.

 ✅ The beauty of it too is that I can use ANY POWDER with the Simplicité system. No waste ~ I love that! Even, when I think I have purchased a lot of different brands of powders before (SNS, OPI etc...) I can still use them all! 

That's it, I'm sold! Bring me my products tomorrow for my 2 salons."

On natural nails ~ Picture

On Tips (Edged tips) extensions ~ Picture




Nail Tip and Dip


STEP-BY-STEP - Application

 1. Prep the natural nails. Apply products on natural nails as an overlay. Or apply a tip if an extension is desired. Apply Simplicité Prep to 5 nails, then apply Simplicité Bond to ensure a strong bonded application.

2. Apply a thin coat of Simplicité Polybase and cure in the NSI Dual Cure Lamp LED for 30 seconds or UV for two minutes. 

3. Apply a thin coat of Simplicité Polybase to these 5 nails. Slide the fingers evenly into the Simplicité Powder Pinks or Clear at a 45-degree angle or sprinkle the powder onto the nail using a Poly pop (little spoon for nails). With this method you can see very well the gel Polybase absorbing the powder that you are sprinkling onto the nails. You can do that above onto a white paper to catch the excess of powder and tip back into a jar if you wish to re-use this same powder for you or your same client. It's healthier to sprinkle than to dip... just saying! Cure for 30 seconds in an LED light or two minutes in a UV light.

4. Brush off excess powder. Apply a second thin coat of Simplicité Polybase. Slide evenly into the Powder Pink or Clear of your choice at a 45-degree angle leaving a margin at the cuticle line to prevent bulk or sprinkle the powders onto the nails with the same method above. If you need to create a higher apex, brush on the Simplicité Polybase and slide two-thirds of the length of the nail into the Simplicité Clear powder to create an apex or sprinkle the powder at the apex where the Polybase was applied. Cure for 30 seconds in an LED light or two minutes in a UV light.

5. Brush off excess powder. Apply a layer of Simplicité Seal. Cure in the NSI Dual Cure Lamp LED for 30 seconds or UV for two minutes before filing and refining the nails if needed. Re-apply Simplicité Seal Topcoat and cure if needed.

6. Using a lint-free wipe, remove the tacky layer with Cleanse. Repeat these steps on the other hand.

For more information, step-by-steps, videos, and see all our line of products, visit our website:



Natural Nail Prep

    • Spray yours and your client’s hands with Sani-Pure and gently massage. Sani-Pure will help reduce the spread of infection.
      • Remove bulk and blend regrowth line for it to be flush with the natural nail. Blend on the product only, to avoid thinning the nail plate using NSI Endurance 180 Grit File.
        • Remove dust. Clean the nails correctly.
        • Apply Simplicité PREP to the natural nails. Allow natural nails to become chalky white.


            • Apply Simplicité BOND to the natural nails.
            • Apply Simplicité POLYBASE to all 5 natural nails in a thin layer and cure in NSI Dual Cure lamp, LED lamp for 30 seconds or UV for 2 minutes.
            • Apply Simplicité POLYBASE to all 5 natural nails in a thin layer. Slide and glide evenly into the Simplicité Powder of your choice (Pink Silk, Opaque Pink, Clear or Colored Powder) at a 45 degree angle. Ensure to leave a slight margin around the cuticle area when gliding into the Simplicité Powder.
            • Cure in NSI Dual Cure Lamp, LED lamp for 30 seconds or UV for 2 minutes then brush off excess powder.
            • Repeat steps 3 and 4 to obtain the desired shape and thickness you want.
            • Apply Simplicité SEAL to all 5 nails and cure in NSI Dual Cure lamp, LED lamp for 30 seconds or UV for 2 minutes.
            • Wipe off any tacky dispersion layer using a Nail Wipe lightly saturated with Cleanse.
            • Refine surface using an Endurance Buffer 180/240 grit file by gently filing & lightly buffing the nail. Wipe off any dust using a Nail Wipe lightly saturated with Cleanse. (Apply French white at this stage if desired) or
            • Apply Simplicité Seal to all 5 nails and cure in NSI Dual Cure lamp, LED lamp for 30 seconds or UV for 2 minutes. Repeat on the other hand. Wipe off any tacky dispersion layer using a Nail Wipe lightly saturated with Cleanse.
            • Apply Nurture Oil to cuticle area and massage.




            Have a look at our Step-by-Steps for application and re-balancing.

            You will find also our videos to watch on the Simplicité system in our You Tube Channel.


            NSI Australia

            You will love this Simplicité Acrylic/Gel System.  





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