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SUPER BOND Nail Primer

SKU 7000
  • Original primer acid-base formula used in the nail industry.
  • Made of 100% methacrylic acid to promote adhesion.
  • Safely packaged.

Why does Superbond freeze?
All acid-based primers have a very high freezing point; therefore it does not take extremely cold temperature to make it freeze. By simply allowing Superbond to return to room temperature, it will be ready for application without loosing any of its effectiveness.

For any of our nail technicians using the Superbond Primer during the cold winter months...., don’t forget to check that the product hasn’t crystallized before you do open the bottle.
When the temperature drops this is when it can crystallize. All you need to do is bring the product back up to room temperature for it to liquefy.
This is completely normal and does not affect the product, however if you force open the lid it will cause the brush to snap off.

Size: 10ml bottle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Jill C.

Seems to be stronger than the other one I’ve used so hopefully will reduce lifting

Kylie H.
It's magic

After seeing the previous reviews, about no lifting, I had to try it for myself and wow! Amazing.

Ingred I.
Super Bond Nail Primer

In my opinion..this is the best primer...I have used a few different primers but have not had as good adhesion, no lifting and no irritation for myself and my client's...thoroughly recommend this product...💅🥰

Emilie J.

Really good primer, only need a really small amount. Spreads well and adhesion is good

Belinda E.
Perfect partner

Since using this with my nsi powder and liquid lifting is a thing of the past