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Sina Chrome Pigment (1g Jar)


Fantastic Chrome Pigments

  • Amazing change of Colours ~ endless possibilities!
  • You can use every colour, the effect will always be different.
  • Size: 1g Jar.

These are pigments - not acrylics. Use them as pigments layers onto colours and with your nail art mediums as below.

RECOMMENDED TOPCOAT to use these pigments : SINA Tack-Free Top Coat

See Step-by-Step + picture.


2 Methods of using the chrome pigments for 2 different Effects.

For a Metallic Effect ~ Sparkly Effect

Apply a Topcoat that is leaving a tacky residue layer onto the nails after the cure (eg. Essential Seal). For the Metallic Effect and/or when used as a dipping medium: Apply the pigments by tapping them or by sprinkling the chrome pigments over the nails or dip the nails into the chrome pigments. These pigments will be taken by the residue dispersion layer that was left on the nails. Cure again. Apply the topcoat again on top of these nails and cure. This method is working with the tacky dispersion layer that is enabling you to apply the chrome pigments on top and fixed them there on this tacky layer.

For a smooth & soft Mirror Effect

We recommend using the SINA Tack-Free Top Coat

Apply the SINA Tack-Free Topcoat on the nails and cure.  NO TACKY LAYER.

Apply the pigments by using the little brush applicator, take a bit with it and brush the pigments onto the nails, cover the nail well and brush more and in every directions to get this smooth. More you are brushing these, better your coverage and mirror effect will become. Dust off the excess of pigments with a very light touch using a soft make up brush. When the nails are ready, you can encapsulate the pigments with a layer of acrylic or builder gel for a longer wear or simply coat the nails again with a layer of the SINA tack-free topcoat. Et Voilà!

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Lindy-Jo C.
Fun product

These are fun to use with many different ideas to use them on !