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Professional Acrylic Brush Kolinsky

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Professional High Quality Kolinsky Acrylic Nail Brushes

You have found your new perfect acrylic brush! 100% high quality Kolinsky Hair and completely Cruelty Free these Acrylic Nail Brushes are designed and crafted beautifully by professionals!

Experience the precise control and enjoyment of doing acrylic sets so much nicer and easier with an outstanding high performance nail brush.

Already crimped and shaped by professionals, helping you have the perfect nail brush to improve quicker and become advanced in acrylics sets. 

Choose your favourite size, beginners best suited from size #8 to #10, intermediates from size #12 to #14 and fast paced long time professional nail techs from #16 to #18. Sizes information is just as an industry guide and you may select any size you feel most comfortable with.

The Quality Benefits: 

1. 100% Quality Kolinsky Hair & Cruelty Free.
2.Perfectly Crimped and Shaped for excellent control of acrylic powder & liquid.
3. Precise hair length for excellent application and smooth acrylic beads.
4. Air Vented Lid for dust and air impurities protection
5. Designer Colour matched Box included for safe storing
6. An Award Winning Brush used and loved by many NSI educators.

Helpful & Important note:
The use of a brush is your responsibility. Acrylic Brushes come new and in perfect condition. Make sure to clean your brush after each use to keep it in excellent shape. White display stand not included.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Cheyenne M.
Gorgeous Brush

these brushes are stunning in how well the hold monomer, and can create the perfect ratio. on top, it’s easy to clean and i don’t struggle with acrylic getting stuck in the bristles

Melissa L.
It's so pretty!

I used water to clean the shipping glue from the bristles at first and there were some stray hairs BUT once I conditioned it with monimer overnight they layed perfectly. The acrylic does not get stuck in the brush and works very well. The brush looks so pretty and I love that it has a cap which a lot of brushes don't, so I know the bristles are protected in the drawer. I got size 12 and it's perfect.

lenore m.

Great brush.

Courtney T.


Bo D.g.
So good

Looks amazing feels amazing