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Press On Tips Gel - HEMA Free

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Best HEMA Free Press On Tips Gel ever! So perfect to be used with the Soft Gel Press on Tips.

Our amazing HEMA free version is highly sought after and ideal for all your Soft Gel Tip needs, this Soft Gel Tip Adhesive Gel is a balanced thick viscosity gel product designed to give you excellent control and coverage during application.

Formulated for sensitive skin clients and uses with improved durability, longevity and providing a full 3+ weeks of wear without any separation or peeling.

How to Apply:

Use and apply an amount of the Hema free Press On Tips Gel to the underside contact area of the Soft Gel Tip. Place the Soft Gel Tip onto the nail while using a smooth rolling motion for bubble-free application. Make sure to start firmly from the cuticle area while applying constant pressure to the free edge of your nail. Ensure there is a close fit side to side by checking it is completely covering the nail grooves. If you see that air bubbles are present go ahead and remove and reapply with more product if needed. Once no bubbles are present Flash Cure for 5 to 10 seconds with your with your Nail Lamp or any small LED Nail Light, whilst holding the Soft Gel Tip in place to maintain the seal and no air bubbles. Continue the process over all desired fingers and then proceed to fully Cure all fingers for 60 seconds in a LED Nail Lamp or 2 minutes in a UV Nail Lamp.

Bottle size: 15ml

How to Infill with Soft Gel Tips Gel:

Perform your usual preparation up to and including buffing, applying the Dehydrator and then applying the Primer to the natural nail regrowth gap. Now using the Press On Tips Gel, apply a thin layer to the entire nail, do not cure, this will act as our slick/base layer. Proceed to apply a small amount bead of Press on Tips Gel just below the cuticle area and gently move into place, filling up the regrowth area. Cure all for 60 seconds in an LED Nail Lamp or 2 minuets in a UV Nail Lamp. Continue by removing the tacky layer using NSI Cleanse solution or any nail cleanse solution on Lint Free Nail Wipe. Now you can apply your following products as you desired with most commonly done being Gel Polish Colours and the Diamond Top Coat.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Saraya O.
Hema free press on tips gel

Amazing adhesion! I love the fact its hema free!

Marjorie F.
Prese on tip Gel

Really good product, exactly what I need thank you

Fabulous ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Fabulous product! Best nail glue I've purchased, and it's hema free! My nails love it ❤️

Dhrupa O.
Great Product Press On Tips Gel - HEMA Free

NSI Press on gel is extremely easy to work with and the tips adhered really well. I find this was way better for my sensitive nails as it did not give me any heat spikes. I cannot wait to use on my clients. I have ordered 2 packs and loving the results so far.

Kelly s.
Great product

Myself and some of the ladies i do nails for have had an issue with the standard press on gel as it was getting extremely hot on the nail beds. This one still gets warm but it is still comfortable.