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Press On Nail Sticker Tabs (Bag 24pcs)


Clear Adhesive Double Sided Gel Tabs for Press On Nail Tips.

Got a broken nail? Need a quick fix? Or going out for an important date, but no nails on?💡 This is the divine solution for an easy fix! Fast & Easy long perfect nails in no time!

  • Transparent Double-sided Adhesive Nail Tabs/Stickers.
  • Sheet of 24pcs in 6 different sizes, fit for each fingernail.
  • Easy to use.
  • High quality for a temporary strong hold of tips and press On Nails.

💡Tips for a longer adhesion: Water is a solvent, the best tip is to avoid water onto your fingernails in the first 3 hours after your application and avoid having too wet hands. You can clean your hands with a wet cloth just after application and dry them well. Try to keep the fingernails dry the longest possible time just after the application. Then you're all good. 💡Keep in mind that water is a solvent and your gel tabs are becoming softer and softer when in contact with water. The secret of a strong and long hold is dryness of the finger nails for a longer adhesion ; best is to stay with hand washes that are quick with fingers up and running water onto your hand palms only, then dry your hands well.

How to use the Press On Nail Sticker Tabs

Use a pair of Tweezers to take off the tabs/stickers from the film. Place the tab/sticker onto the nail and press your chosen tip onto it - Press firmly.

Shape & file the tips surface. Prep the nails as usual for a product application.

Apply your favorite Gel Polish Colour and cure into the nail lamp. Apply your favorite nail art mediums : glitters, stickers, beads, stones, charms and all the nail decorations you wish.

Finish the nails with a Topcoat. It's that easy to get beautiful long nails in no time! Strong hold onto nails, often seen lasting a good week and sometimes longer.

TIPS: 💡You can also prep some fully decorated tips ahead of time and keep them into a tray. You can then use them later when needed - Prep, File & Dehydrate the nails, put the Tabs on and stick the pre-decorated tips or Press On Nails Tips onto it, press firmly, use a Top Coat  & keep your digits dry ~ Et Voila!💅🏻

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jasmine K.

Sooo good and easy to use.

Diane P.
Press on TABS

These press on clear tabs have been so great. They are the best I have used. As I bite my nails, I wanted to use press on nails that would last for at least a week or so, just to give time for my own nails to grow a little. (most of them did last a good amount of time). The sticking power of the tabs is strong and reliable. Preparation is key though. Make sure your own nail and press on nail is clean and dry. I used nail polish remover to do this. It has taken about 3 weeks to see good growth of my own nails with no damage to them. Very happy !

Lindy-Jo C.
Best Stickers

I know when using these stickers my nails won’t budge until I want them too


They worked perfectly for the dog show with the rhinestones!!

Love these!

Used them for false nails and they lasted brilliantly. I chose to take them off after one week, with zero damage to my natural nail. They were quick and easy to apply with the process taking around 5 minutes, and at a fraction of the price of getting them done at a salon, I’m in love!