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BIAB, Hard Gel and Polygel Nail Course Online

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Boost your skill set and attract more clients by taking NSI Australia's BIAB, Hard Gel and Polygel nail course!

Builder Gel In A Bottle known as BIAB is the most popular gel nail application in Australia. Hard Gel is also a very important system for those extra long nail length and sculpted nails, while Polygel is a fast flexible and gentler service for people and clients wanting that option. 

Our Gel Nail Course empowers you to flawlessly apply any and all gel nail products and services that someone way want or need. Learn from industry-leading professionals who will guide you through every step — from nail preparation and cuticle work to shaping and finishing. By signing up for our BIAB, Hard Gel and Polygel nail course, you'll gain the skills and confidence to deliver fabulous results that will keep customers coming back!

Ready to kickstart your Gel nail styling career? Contact us today to learn more about our online nail courses!

Who will benefit from this course?

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro looking to refine your skills, our Gel course is designed to cater to all levels of expertise. Our program is suitable for anyone:

  • Who is new to the exciting world of nail styling
  • Eager to refine their skills and snag a spot in their city’s leading salons
  • Who needs a refresher on the ins and outs of nail art and gel nail services
  • Working as nail techs and want to learn the latest trends and techniques
  • Who is part of a nail staff, ready to nurture their talents and provide clients with better salon experiences

Master the art of Builder Gel, Hard Gel & Polygel

Dive into our comprehensive gel nail course that’s both in-depth and easy to follow. Our online courses can be taken anytime, anywhere. Gain access to 76 lessons and 4.5 hours worth of video content designed to help step up your nail game.

Our students complete BIAB, Hard Gel and Polygel nails in half the time compared to acrylics, without the odour and with less filing and shaping. It's the fastest-growing nail service trend, perfect for offering to clients or even enjoying for yourself.

Course overview and inclusions

BIAB, Hard Gel & Polygel Course Plus Basic Kit Includes: 1x Complete Builder Gel Kit, 1x Elite Hard Gel Sampler Kit, 1x Complete Polygel Kit. ($344 of products for only $225)

BIAB, Hard Gel & Polygel Course Plus Professional Kit Includes: 1x Complete Builder Gel Kit, 1x Elite Hard Gel Sampler Kit, 1x Complete Polygel Kit, 1x LED Full Nail Lamp 80w, 1x Professional Nail Drill. ($804 of products for only $600)

Curriculum & course learnings:

  • Nails 101, Nail hygiene, Nail Health & Safety, Nail Conditions and Skin irritations / infections
  • Products, Tools, Techniques and Good Practices 
  • Hand Files, Nail Drills, Drill Bits, Nail Lamps & Heat Spikes
  • Correct Nail Preparation & Cuticle Work
  • Application of BIAB, Hard Gel & Polygel 
  • Correct Techniques, Skills, Shaping, Refining and Lengths
  • Gel Polish Application, Designs and Removal
  • Maintenance, Infills and Full Removals of each system and gel
  • Free Bonus Nail Art Designs for French Smile lines, Marbling, Chrome art, doing Ombre, Nail Stamping, Decals and Crystals
  • 76 Total Lessons with 4.5 hours of watchable Video Education Content
  • Everything you Need for BIAB, Hard Gel & Polygel Nails in 1 Course 
  • Full 1 Year Access even once completed, review the course info and videos as much as you want!
  • Self Paced, Ongoing Support & Guidance with our Nail Tech Educators every step of the way. 
  • Best Priced and Value with Certificate Upon Completion

At NSI Australia, we guarantee a 100% success rate! We're thrilled to share that every single one of our students not only completes the BIAB, Hard Gel & Polygel course but also earns their well-deserved certificate. Sign up now and be a successful nail tech!

Get expert guidance

Sign up for our Gel Course and gain tried-and-true tips from Australia's leading nail technicians! Our curriculum is carefully designed to align with local market trends and best practices. From mastering workplace safety practices to honing your artistic techniques, get all the insights you need to confidently run your nail styling business.

Our online nail courses provide you with a simple, step-by-step program that makes your learning journey stress-free and exciting. Join our nail gel course now and level up your nail game with just a few clicks!

Learn at your own pace

We get it — many of our students have busy lives and jobs while they're training. With our nail extension courses, you can learn from your laptop or tablet and even follow along as you perform a manicure. This way, you can balance studying and work, all while maintaining control over your time.

Enjoy lifetime access and zero time constraints, allowing you to stick to your own schedule or revisit course sections to refresh your knowledge. This way, you're always getting the most out of our nail courses.

Discover our course payment plan options and see what suits you best. Got questions? Don't hesitate to reach out — we're here to make your learning journey as smooth as possible.

Once you've aced your gel nail course, don't stop there! Check out our range of fabulous nail and beauty courses, like the Acrylic Nail Course and Miracle Gel Extensions Course. Choose a course now and take your nail styling career to new heights!

Course Overview Duration Modules Prerequisites What to Expect What Will You Get

Elevate your nail artistry with our gel nail courses!

Designed for budding artists and seasoned pros, this program empowers students to master gel nail design, application and maintenance. Dive into the world of gel polishes as you receive in-depth training in BIAB, hard gel and poly gel. 

Become a go-to specialist in gel nails and watch your creativity and clientele grow!

Who will benefit from this course?

Our BIAB, polygel and hard gel nail course is open to individuals of all backgrounds and skill levels. Take this masterclass if you’re:

  • A DIY nail art enthusiast looking to enhance your skills
  • Aspiring to join the ranks of top salons in the city
  • Seeking to refresh your knowledge in gel and nail art techniques
  • A trendsetter keen on mastering the newest styles, technologies and methods in nail care
  • A salon team member aiming to broaden your skills and provide outstanding experiences to your cherished clients

Learn at your own pace! 

We get it, life is a balancing act. That's why our hard gel, polygel and BIAB courses are designed for go-getters like you, who are weaving their passion for nail styling into their bustling schedules. 

With our hard gel, polygel and BIAB nail course, the world is your classroom! Just grab your laptop, tablet or computer, connect to the internet, and you're set to learn wherever and whenever you like. 

Plus, students enjoy lifetime access — no expiration date here! Revisit lessons as often as you need, ensuring you fully grasp each concept.

After you've mastered our hard gel, polygel and BIAB courses, continue expanding your skillset with our wide range of nail training classes. Choose from our acrylic nail course, Miracle Gel extensions course and soft gel course.

  • Module 1 — Core Nails

Learn about basic nail anatomy and the curing process.

  • Module 2 — Nail Prep

Discover how to prepare your cuticles for gorgeous, flawless manicures.

  • Module 3 — Gel Polish

Master the art of gel polish application, removal and troubleshooting.

No prior experience or qualifications are required to take our BIAB, hard gel and polygel nail courses. You're welcome to learn with us no matter where you are on your nail styling path.

Our courses provide a solid foundation for beginners and an opportunity to enhance the skills of nail artists with some know-how. Additionally, our online format is designed to create a fun and stress-free learning experience. Enrol now and shine in the nail care world!

Enrol in our BIAB and polygel nail courses for an in-depth learning journey!  Gain valuable tips and industry insights from experienced nail technicians. Our in-depth lessons are crafted to ignite your creativity and unlock exciting new career paths.

Unlock 76 lessons and 4.5 hours of video content! Our extensive curriculum includes everything from basic nail anatomy to cuticle preparation, application, removal and the latest trends in nail art.

Master key techniques and enjoy special bonuses that further expand your knowledge.

As a special treat, enjoy free, easy-to-follow lessons on trendy nail art designs like French smile lines, marbling, chrome art, ombre effects and nail stamping. You'll also learn how to effectively apply decals and crystals.

Frequently Asked Questions

• Builder gel features a thick viscosity ideal for increasing your nails’ strength, length or thickness. • Polygel stands out with its thicker consistency, making it easy to sculpt nails and create extensions. It's sturdier than regular gel polish but easier to use than acrylics, making your nail art fun and hassle-free! • Hard gels are the go-to choice for crafting those stunning long nail extensions you often see at salons. They're incredibly strong and resistant to staining, ensuring your beautiful nails stay perfect for longer.

Select a course, click "add to cart" and complete the payment process. Once paid, you'll gain instant access to our platform and course materials. If you choose one of our bundled courses with product kits, we'll conveniently ship the kit to you.

This masterclass starts at $1,274.95 and covers every poly gel, hard gel and BIAB polishes. With AfterPay, you can easily break down your purchase into four manageable payments, due every two weeks. Keep an eye out for our regular discounts, bundles and special offers to make your learning journey both affordable and exciting!

It's completely up to you! Our hard gel, BIAB and polygel courses are remote and flexible. Whether you're eager to zoom through all the lessons at once or prefer to take it one step at a time, the choice is yours.

You don't need a fancy degree to create stunning gel manicures, but an online gel polish course can give you a competitive edge. Getting certified is a great way to show clients and employers that you're all about growing your skills and keeping up with the latest trends.

At NSI Australia, we offer a wide array of online beauty and nail courses. We've got everything from Miracle Gel to Perfect Gel, Acrylic Nails and even Eyelash Extensions. Whether you're starting fresh or adding new skills, we've got the perfect class for you.

Customer Reviews

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Renyce M.
Amazinggggg quality products

Wow I can’t believe how fast delivery was!! This course so far is amazing, I’m half way through and am throughly enjoying the modules. The products included in the kit are absolutely amazing! I will definitely continue to purchase from NSI :) 10/10 service, quality products and an overall great course!

Kiara N.

Good quality and easy to use especially for someone needing to work at own pace