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NEON Nail Art Stickers

SKU CY-009

High Quality Neon Stickers.

  • Fine Nail Art Design.
  • Easy To Apply.
  • Note: Stickers appear white in packaging, activate by placing in the Sun and then in the Dark the stickers will GLOW NEON & Fluorescent :)
💡💅🏻 Did you know ~ What activates the glow in the dark products?

The short answer: Things that glow in the dark contain a substance called Phosphor, which is capable of radiating light after it has become energized. Such substances first soak up energy for long periods when exposed to light and subsequently radiate visible light in the dark.

The long answer: Glow in the Dark Nail Art Mediums, Gel Polishes and Glow in the Dark Powders will charge, glow and radiate differently, here is why. What activates the Glow in the Dark? Read more

Customer Reviews

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Hadisa H.
Yet to try

Trying it soon but quality looks amazing

neon stickers

Just for fun I tried the butterflies and got an effective finish.