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Holographic Chrome Pigment

SKU QT-8035

It’s the brightest Holographic in the pigments.

So many creative ways to use the pigments. Add a little shimmer, or a lot!

The shine with multi colours is amazing and so bright with the maximum reflection of light and brilliance.
Endless possibilities with different coloured backgrounds, the effects will always be different.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Kerry k.

Love this and great over any colour , very easy to use .

Bianca C.

I love this powder so much! Looks super nice over any colour. But unless you do your research (because it doesnt come with instructions), you will need a gel top coat to avoid the dullness provided by a standard top coat. Also I find it much easier to apply with my fingertip rather than the sponge applicator, because you can feel how much pressure you're applying.

Lyn D.
Bling colour

I absolutely love Holographic colours.
I love the bling it gives your nails.

Nail t.
Works amazing

Love this chrome powder so cheap and so great!

Ingred I.
Beautiful effects...

I love this pigment!! Bought the smaller container and used it so the larger
compact.. I do prefer the compact style as there is less mess and chance of spilling...because of the spectrum of colours in the brings out the colours of any nail polish you co.pliment it client's love the effect!! I absolutely love it!!